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What will happen to sleep on the pillow for a long time?

LS 2022-06-10 17:53:11
After a day of tiredness, I returned home, and finally I could lie on the bed to brush the mobile phone and relax.

When the sleepy strikes, put the phone under the pillow, perfect!

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But as soon as I close my eyes, my mind may suddenly think of my mother's instructions:

"When you sleep, the phone is a little far away, there is radiation, and it is not good for your brain!

Emmmm ... Lie lying down, I was too lazy to get up to put on my phone, and I had to get up by it tomorrow morning. Trust!

Is the phone so terrible? Where should I put on my mobile phone?

Worried about mobile phone radiation to cause cancer? Be at ease

The radiation of mobile phones affects health, which has always been worried about many people. Even everyone will panic, will the mobile phone put on the edge of the head for one night, will it cause cancer!

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In fact, mobile phone radiation is not the same as the radiation we worry about.

The radiation we worry about is actually ionizing radiation, such as X -rays. Ionizing radiation will destroy the structure of the DNA, thereby inducing cancer.

The mobile phone emits radio frequency energy during use, which is a low -level non -ionizing radiation. This radiation is safe.

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After analyzing relevant data, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that in the past 15 years, although the use of mobile phones has increased significantly, the incidence of brain cancer and other nervous system cancer has declined.

Therefore, FDA believes that the radio frequency energy generated by mobile phones is not related to health problems including cancer [1].

If you have to say what the influence of mobile phone radiation on people, it should only be a little ... heating. At the same time, when electronic equipment is working, it will heat up.

If the heat dissipation is not good or the equipment fails, it will cause the temperature to be too high, and the pillow will be like ... Let's be as below.

Image source: NYPD 33rd Precinct@Twitter

In order to keep our pillows, it is recommended not to put the phone under the pillow.

After all ... pillows are also money!

Hand is not honest, is the biggest problem

The radiation of the phone is not terrible, and you can't help but reach the hand of your phone, which is the culprit that affects health!

The dark environment can help the brain secrete melatonin and help us fall asleep.

The blue light of the night light, especially the mobile phone screen, will inhibit the secretion of melatonin [2], causing difficulty falling asleep and fatigue the next day.

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Moreover, do you think that after staying up late to play with your mobile phone, the memory is worse? This is not only the pot that stays up late, but also related to the mobile phone.

The exposure of the night blue light will reduce the time of deep sleep and fast eye movement (Rem), and these two stages of sleep are very important for stable emotions and consolidation memory [3].

Friends who have a baby at home should pay more attention: the impact of night light on children is greater than adults!

Japanese researchers have found that under the same medium brightness of light, the degree of melatonin in children is almost twice the degree of adults [4].

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There are many hazards of children's lack of sleep: you can't think of behavior impulses, obesity, depression [5] ... So bring baby at night, don't play mobile phones for children.

There is indeed a type of person who needs to stay away from the mobile phone

If you can control your hand to reach your phone and make sure that your mobile phone will not suddenly heat up in the middle of the night, then the mobile phone is almost the same.

However, people with implanted medical equipment (including pacemakers and defibrillars) should still keep a certain distance from electronic products such as mobile phones.

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According to research reports, high magnetic field strength magnets in new smartphones may cause some implanted medical equipment to fail.

The American Heart Association also warned that the magnetic field would inhibit the pulse generator of the implanted heart rotor and the pacemaker.

Therefore, FDA has 2 simple suggestions [6]:

1. Electronic products such as daily mobile phones (including smart watches) should keep a distance of 16 cm from implanted medical equipment.

2. Do not place these electronic products in a jacket pocket near medical equipment.

Image source: station Cool Hirolo

In fact, where is it better when you sleep, there is no simple answer.

Theoretically, the radiation of the mobile phone is not so terrible. As long as you can control your hand, you can put your phone on your head.

But in actual life, it is recommended that you put your mobile phone 1 meter away before going to bed.After all, everyone was in the middle of the night and set up a vow of "I play for another five minutes."

"Five minutes of mobile phone, two hours on earth."

Stay away from your mobile phone and go to bed early.