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It is not a good thing for a baby to play mobile phones

LS 2022-06-13 15:22:45

Now mobile phones have become an indispensable contact and entertainment tool in our lives and work, and children are more curious and interesting for children.

Many children now play their parents' mobile phones at the age of two. They often hold their mobile phones and play quietly for a long time. Many parents think that their children are very good and smart.

However, children's psychological counselors need to remind the majority of Bao Da Bao Mom: It is not a good thing for babies to play mobile phones.

Now most people recognize that the phenomenon of primary and secondary school students is seriously obsessed with mobile phones, and they will also pay attention and control for children playing with mobile phones.

But for a few months and one -year -old children playing mobile phones and watching mobile phones, many parents find it cute and fun. I think this behavior shows that the baby is smart and cute. Some parents choose to use their mobile phones to coax their children when they are busy or troubled.

"The baby is only 8 months old now. Now I dare not watch the mobile phone, call the phone, and even the mobile phone can not get into the master bedroom. She can't let her see me touching her mobile phone, otherwise she will watch it. She couldn't catch it with her hand and was anxious to cry. Not only that, this child seemed to be "fighting" recently. As long as I saw her mobile phone ignore her, she cried and made a lot of trouble. Quick me! "

"The little grandson who is more than one year old often plays the mobile phone, and sometimes his mother does not play him. He has several times that he plays his mother's mobile phone. Because he often drives QQ, WeChat, Taobao and other software, he has been in a friend several times. He sent an expression, garbled, and messy video calls, and also mistaken the phone. His mother did not play with him after discovering, and he chased him.

There was no way to play my mobile phone for him, and he often dialed it, but most of them used mobile phones to put music. Don't know if you play like this?

Also, he seems to know that his mother's mobile phone is more fun now. Now he is not willing to play my phone. He wants to grab his mother's mobile phone. I don't know if it is good. "

Guangzhou Children's Psychological Consultation Interpretation:

A few months of babies did not understand the specific functions and functions of the mobile phone, but they showed great interest in this glowing and extremely attracting mother's objects.

Many children who are more than one year old have begun to treat their mobile phones as a toy. Why can little babies have such a great interest in mobile phones?

1. Mom's "love" of the mobile phone affects the child

The reason is also the cultivation of parents. Now mobile phones have become inseparable from communication and entertainment tools.

The adults turned on their mobile phones to swipe Weibo, play WeChat, and play games all day long. They were "machine" in the bedroom, toilet, and even breastfeeding.

According to a survey on a parent -child website, more than 80 % of mothers have experienced their children while feeding their children.

Many people now take out their mobile phones as long as they have a little free time, and the same is true of pregnancy and lactation.

Even many pregnant women and mothers usually spend longer time on playing mobile phones than to contact the baby!

The baby slowly became interested in this shiny object in the subtlety of his mother. As he age, the baby learned to interact with the mobile phone.

2. Enhancement of parental words and deeds

Jiajia was only one year old and 5 months old, but became interested in mobile phones. The family accidentally played a few online popular songs with a mobile phone. I did not expect that the child looked at the mobile phone to sing and twisted. Watch the video of the mobile phone, and let him perform as long as you come.

Coincidentally, there are many parents who regard "playing mobile phones and tablets" as excellent skills and "show" when they are "show".

Is the pipe tube because the child really understands the content on the screen and follows the performance, or it only happens to "slide around" to start certain programs and cause the illusion that can operate mobile phones. It has become a tool for children's performance.

3. Coax children with a mobile phone

Due to the strong interest of infants and young children, mobile phones, etc. have become "coaxing artifacts" for each family.

A mother bluntly said: "The mobile phone is really better than any toy at home. No matter what the child is, he immediately quietly gives him a quiet. We have given him an old phone as a toy."

The original intention of these parents or grandparents is good, and the bystanders are also shocked by the cleverness of several years old children. However, they did not realize the harm that such education would bring to children.

Due to the excessive obsession of parents such as mobile phones, children are easily become small "mobile phone controls" under their "cultivation". They do not like sports, do not like to play with children, do not like to communicate, and often lower their heads to play mobile phones. This not only affects children's health, but also affects the formation of children's good personality.

In terms of health

Children's physiology has not yet matured, and the infant and childhood period is the stage of rapid development of children. The journal research of the British "Microwave theory and Technology" shows that children's skull thickness is significantly lower than adults, and the absorption rate of radiation is significantly higher than adults.

Children's nervous system is in the stage of development, and the potential threat is even greater.

The British "Daily Mail" also pointed out that children with mobile phones can cause health problems such as memory recession and sleep disorders.

Dr. Jelde Kay, the University of Warwick, warned that mobile phone radiation can destroy the normal function of the child's nervous system, which causes a series of problems such as memory recession, headache, and poor sleep.

A test of Claimon Franter University in France shows that when children use mobile phones, the brain's absorption of mobile phone electromagnetic waves is 60%more than adults.

Large -dose electromagnetic is not only bad for children's growth and development, but also causes diseases such as asthma and leukemia.

Children are in the stage of growth and development. The water content in the body tissue is richer than adults, and mobile phone microwaves have the characteristics of more organs with more water. Therefore, microwave damage to human eyes is the greatest.

In addition, long -term text messages may cause children to develop finger deformed; playing games, etc., will cause great harm to the child's cervical spine.

In terms of personality training, mobile phones and tablets have deprived children with the opportunity to communicate and play face to face with others, and it is easy to make children timid, lonely, and paranoid.

On the other hand, with the development of modern communication technology, mobile phones can also access the Internet anytime, anywhere, which makes download games more convenient. Some children may be overly obsessed with the game and affect their growth.

Moreover, mobile phones will seriously affect the relationship between children and parents and become the "third party" of parent -child relationship.

When children have the desire to communicate, parents only care about playing with their mobile phones, and the child feels ignored, and even thinks that in the eyes of parents, they are not important.

So the baby's "fight" with the mobile phone will encounter every family. At first, the child may attract the attention of parents in a way of crying and smashing things. If parents do not respond late, the baby may use mobile phones and play games to achieve self -comfort. not enough.

It is difficult for parents to understand their children, and it is difficult for children to believe that parents love themselves and care about themselves from the bottom of their hearts.