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What should I do if my mobile phone is "fever" in summer? Quickly cool down!

LS 2022-06-06 17:32:09

The weather is getting hotter

Have you found it?

Your phone also starts to become easy to get hot

Will the mobile phone "heat stroke"?

How to cool the phone?

Xiaobian teaches you these tricks

Make your mobile phone "healthy" Du Xia ~

In life, under what existence

Will mobile phones be easy to fever?

1. Excessive exposure

In the hot summer, mobile phones are also afraid of "heat stroke". If the mobile phone is exposed to the sun for a long time,

It will cause the screen and circuit to be aging, and the mobile phone will also be hot.

2. Play mobile phones while charging

Playing the phone while charging, the mobile phone battery must perform two tasks: charging and discharge at the same time.

The battery and charger will work largely, generating a lot of heat.

Coupled with the hot summer weather, the body temperature will be too high, bringing hidden safety hazards to the mobile phone.

3. Long -term run high energy consumption app

Playing large mobile games, playing videos, transmission of large -capacity data, etc., can easily lead to too much CPU load.

When the CPU runs high for a long time, it is easy to cause the mobile phone to get hot.

4. The mobile phone protective case affects heat dissipation

In order to protect the mobile phone, many friends will put a protective shell on the mobile phone,

However, some material mobile phone protective cases will affect mobile phone heat dissipation to a certain extent.

How to avoid the fever of the mobile phone?

This mobile phone "heatstroke prevention and cooling" small trick

Treatment of mobile phones "hot hands"!

Come here!

(1) Avoid running for a long time in a high temperature environment

Try not to let the mobile phone expose outdoors and in the car. Continuous exposure will cause the mobile phone to be too high.

Damage to mobile phone hardware, and even severe faults and security risks.

(2) Try not to play mobile phones when charging

When charging on the phone while playing with mobile phones, if you encounter hot mobile phones, it is necessary to suspend the use appropriately.

Give the mobile phone enough "rest" time to reduce the damage of the opposite battery.

(3) Close unnecessary background running programs

This operation is critical. If the background running program is not closed, the CPU of the mobile phone must process more information.

Excessive running procedures will naturally increase the temperature of the phone.

After watching videos and playing games for a long time, let the mobile phone rest, and let my eyes rest for a while.

(4) Turn off the functions of mobile phone hotspots, GPS and other functions

When the mobile phone is hot, it will generate a lot of heat. Pay attention to the timely shutdown after use.

At the same time, after using Bluetooth, GPS and other functions, it must be closed in time.

In addition, shortening screen dormant time and reducing screen brightness will also help.

(5) Select the breathable and light mobile phone case

In summer, it is best not to use mobile phone cases with poor heat dissipation such as metal, silicone,

Try to choose a thin and breathable mobile phone case. When the mobile phone is charged or hot,

You can remove the phone case to avoid affecting the heat dissipation of the phone.


If the mobile phone continues to fever and cannot be effectively resolved, in order to ensure the safety of the machine,

Friends can solve the repair by consulting after sales or going to the repair shop ~

Or if you have any questions, you can also pay attention to the following public account consultation and understanding

These mobile phones "heatstroke prevention and cooling" small tricks

Have you learned it?