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What is the flight mode? What is the "radio interference" of the aircraft

Yh 2021-05-11 15:18:23

Everyone knows that when you are in the plane, you should open it.Mobile phoneFlight mode or shutdown. Over time, as well as different airlines specified, the electronic device in the mobile phone has also changed.


Earlier is a plane, the flight will ask "full shutdown", and then open "flight mode". In addition, in the flying process outside the takeoff and landing, it will not use the mobile phone normally. The security of the Bluetooth headset also makes many people doubt. Even airlines launched Wi-Fi service on the plane. So how do we use your mobile phone correctly on the plane?

01 Reason for restrictions more than aircraft communication interference

In the 1990s, the mobile phone was popular, and the people who were in the plane also got more. More and more mobile phones were brought by passengers, but the pilots came to the "nightmare". The mobile phone that is not to receive wireless signals will interfere with the aircraft communication system, allowing the pilot's headset and the call audio to issue a rigidity that is similar to the phone receiving calls and SMS.

不开飞行模式会怎样?飞机I believe that most people use audio noise to pre- proprise (map source: network)

If this noise appears at a critical moment, the flight scheduling information is not conveyed, and it is possible to cause the chain of the ruins (such as the dispatcher attempt to inform the aircraft A and the aircraft B hit it). This is the main reason for the use of mobile phones on the plane.

不开飞行模式会怎样?飞机Ground Tower Help Coordinated Transportation (Players: Network)

Another reason is also communication interference, but has nothing to do with the plane. In the United States, the decisions prohibiting calling on the plane are not the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), but is responsible for wireless communications US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Beginning in 1991, FCC banned the phone call, because this behavior caused disturbing the mobile phone operator network of the ground.

不开飞行模式会怎样?飞机Mobile operator signal tower (map source: network)

When the plane moves in the air, if someone calls, the mobile phone will try to connect the various base stations that fly to the ground network increase the burden. Although this reason has long been due to the development of new technologies (the aerial base station on a plane) is no longer established, the relevant provisions have not been updated.

Of course there is another reason, also related to security, but has nothing to do with any instrumentation. During the plane takeoff and landing, as well as flights, the captains and flight will broadcast various security instructions and reminders to passengers in the cabin. The passenger hopes that the passengers can listen to it, rather than bowing mobile phones. This is why it is ignored by most people. If the plane has an emergency, what do you want to be the use of the mobile phone without listening to the sauce? Which passenger is safe exported?


To avoid these potential problems, it is necessary to shut down such a knife-cutting method is a preliminary solution for many aeronautics / companies.

02 Aviation industry to relax

However, with the upgrade of aviation communication equipment, these equipment resistance to radio interference has also increased. In addition, the plane continues to spread, conventional aviation safety knowledge has become common sense. Double development in technology and consciousness has enable national institutions and airlines to relax the use restrictions on mobile phones on the aircraft.


In September 2013, the European Aviation Safety Authority updated the relevant regulations, allowing passengers to use mobile phones throughout the process, premise to open flight mode; in April 2014, the Indian Civil Aviation Administration has revised the provisions, allowing passengers to use mobile phones in flight mode; 2017 In September, the same provisions were adopted by the Chinese civil aviation bureau, and the passengers did not have a problem with mobile phones, as long as they opened flight mode.


The United States is a special case. In October 2013, the US Federal Aviation Authority proposed a recommendation "allowing mobile phones in flight mode", but this recommendation does not apply to all situations. Depending on the airline, aircraft model, as well as the pilot "tolerance", whether Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can have different provisions.

不开飞行模式会怎样?飞机Bluetooth headset has become a standard of passengers

On the same year, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considers that passengers are allowed to call during flight. However, this new regulation was not strongly opposed by the aviation industry. In 2021, I finally got out, the American dream called on the plane was still shattered.

03 No research proofs mobile phone interference aviation instruments

In addition to the noise interference of pilot headphones and sound, various instruments (such as navigators) on the aircraft will be interfered by mobile phone, and many people have always supported the main cause of mobile phones on the plane. However, whether it is a third-party agency or Boeing, this aircraft manufacturer has tried to find evidence of the mobile phone to affect the flight instrument of the aircraft, but there is no result. However, in turn, no one can prove that the phone will not interfere with the flight instrument. So for cautious consideration, forced flight mode or more insurance.

不开飞行模式会怎样?飞机Civil aviation passenger plane flight cockpit (map source: network)

Therefore, as passengers, the most insurance approach is to set the phone as a flight mode in any time when you are using any flight. As for the Bluetooth headset, you can use it normally. It is possible to open Wi-Fi in a timely manner. If the flight of flight needs to shut down during the takeoff and landing process, we must also cooperate.

Unless there is very urgent situation, don't call or send text messages, because this behavior may make the pilot unclear the voice of the ground person. In short, safety is always in the first place, especially in the high altitude of meter.