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Why don't you have a shopping cart? I understand today.

Yh 2021-05-11 15:12:44

For a person who likes online shopping, maybe knowing a lot, and by sharing the new model purchases in the group, let users buy more affordable goods, the author has not escaped its true fragrance. It is very different from the use of many users who have used it. It is very different from other online shopping platforms.

There are only two "separate purchase" and "launching a single" below the product interface, and there is no "join the shopping cart" function of other e-commerce platforms. In our daily, the e-commerce platform, like Taobao, Jingdong, etc., shopping cart function is almost standard. I believe everyone is more doubtful. Why don't I add a lot of apps, I have not added a shopping cart function, and the author summed up the following reasons. I will share it with you today.

1. Improve user shopping experience

First, there is no shopping cart, considering the needs of the user's shopping experience. We all know that many early users grow very quickly, and the user group is more biased towards the third, four-tier cities and rural areas, and there are many middle-aged users who have never received online shopping experience, they are compared to accepting new things Young people are slow, many elderly people may even have basically apps.

Therefore, for a specific user group, optimize the control interface, it is very close to create a simpler shopping manner. Take a lot of things to consider that every link may bring trouble to users, optimize your shopping experience, thereby avoiding the loss of new users.


This concept comes earlier from the online store, which is convenient for customers to purchase multi-piece goods or large items, making users easier when shopping. The shopping cart is set in the e-commerce app, which is for convenient settlement multiple products.

The author is a child, shopping in the hometown of the small selling department or small supermarket, basically not in large supermarkets, a tote bag is enough. And this online shopping method is similar to user purchase habits that spell more sinking markets, and the shopping cart will increase their operating costs.

For friends who are accustomed to online, the shopping cart does not have a cost of learning, but for older users in rural areas, each additional link will make shopping cumbersome, they prefer simple and straightforward ways.


Whether it is a simple product page, or abandon the function of the shopping cart, spelling a lot of usage needs for early users, simplifying shopping steps, is its distinguishing characteristics of other e-commerce platforms.

2, strengthen the characteristics of the group shorten the user consumption decision

The e-commerce platform adds to the shopping cart function, to allow users to buy more things. But the shopping cart function also brings other issues that extend the decision time when users are shopping.


When we choose a favorite product, we will have the urge to buy immediately, but when we join the shopping cart, we start the goods than three, and then think about this impulse consumption will slowly sag. When online shopping, you will lose your goods to your shopping cart. It is a lot of consumer habits, which will also increase the inventory of the e-commerce platform.

The shopping cart function adds a calm thinking to the consumer purchase process, which directly leads to a decline in the spell rate. Therefore, a big reason for the shopping cart is not set, it is forShorten the user's consumption decision-making, and promote the truly success of the order.


On the other hand, the group is a major feature, which itself has shared, timeliness, requires the user to quickly decide whether to buy, the group has successfully paying orders, considering that the shopping cart is only for the same user to buy Multi-items exists, so there are extra more than a lot of shopping models.


In addition, spelling a lot of dedicated goods as the original show, with the group's way, give users a more affordable goods, and the billion subsidies launched do not play, direct price cuts, users are not worried about the problem of not affordable, and dispel the purchase concern.

3, spectacular shopping cart - favorites

Of course, for many users, there is a lot of shopping carts that don't have a lot of shopping carts or people. However, it has a Favorites feature as well as other e-commerce platforms.


A careful friend may find that there are many "product collection" with a lot of people.The collection page of the general e-commerce platform is only used to save your favorite items, and you can't buy a settlement directly.Flatant collection page can not only show product information, but also directly purchase, but also support cross-stores, cross-cost types, can say that the product collection is a lot of characterful shopping carts.


Although spelling a lot of 2015 online, we quickly expand the market with a unique shopping model.In December 2018, according to the CCTV economic network report, spelling a lot of transactions in a new quarter increased by 586%, the income increased by up to 697%, and the annual active users reached 385.5 million people, and it became the second largest e-commerce of China.platform.

In short, there are not a lot of shopping carts. At present, it is intended to be greater than the disadvantage. With the upgrade of the market and user shopping needs, doctors will add a real shopping cart function, and time will give us an answer.