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How to image quality is more focus video worker how to choose a camera

Yh 2021-05-11 15:25:23

For video workers, video shooting is actually a complete workflow, in terms of daily equipment, input acquisition devices include:cameraOr cameras, microphones, stabilizers, portable LED fill lights, tripods, etc. In terms of later processing equipment, generally requires: high-performance hosts, displays, and high hard drive combinations. Today, let's talk about the equipment selection of the video worker.


Why choose a video industry? Now that is the business video field, it is also a VLOG video market, and video has become an essential part of life. Compared to traditional static photography, video is quite high for supporting equipment, especially post-processing equipment. Today, we are divided into two parts, from both acquisition equipment and post-processing equipment, the equipment required for video shooting.

First of all, for the previous acquisition equipment, the most common is the most common mobile phone and various types.Digital camera. Of course, in contrast, camera shooting video can not only get better picture quality, but also to achieve a broader vision or more intense blooming, thereby creating a better sense of vision or more ingenuity. Today, for the camera, video, such as Canon PowerShot G7 x Mark III, EOS M6 Mark II, EOS R5,EOS R6They are all common video capture equipment.


But shooting video except for the camera, more supporting equipment is required. For the current VLOG blogger, the necessary video supporting equipment includes:

Support equipment: video tripod, single-fastener, rocker arm, slide rail, etc.

Stable equipment: all kinds of stabilizers

Radio equipment: microphone (including wireless microphone and directive microphone), pick pole

Lighting device: common type of LED fill light, lamp stand and soft props

In addition, when shooting a video, it is often used to map transmission and monitors, and today the drone is also a common device for video shooting. In order to pursue more ideal effects, video capture is often used in multiple portions, which is not only equipment, but also have more clear divisions.

In various devices, the camera is most important to the lens. Camera equipment like now, isCanon EOS R6With RF large three-dimensional lens, that is, RF15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM, RF24-70MM F2.8 L IS USM, RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM. This is a simple and efficient shooting combination, not only can cope with all kinds of shooting themes, but also the RF lens group is lightweight, but the stabilizer in the whole set is very convenient.

Here I want to say heavy talks.Canon EOS R6 This camera, there may be many friends in the pastSony A7M3 takes video, but after the EOS R6, you must say that this camera is too fragrant. Canon EOS R6 is compared to Sony A7M3, the main advantages have the following aspects.


First, Canon EOS R6 video specifications are higher, with 4K 60P, but also highly excellent

Canon EOS R6 can take 4K 60P, while Sony A7M3 can only take 4K 30P. 4K 60P can not only make video more smooth, but also provide small weigh at 4K resolution. More importantly, Canon EOS R6 can not only shoot 4K 60P, but no view is cut.

Canon EOS R6 can shoot 4K 60P, which is cracked, while Sony can only shoot 4K 30P

It is very important that the sensor of Canon's camera is derived from the Canon flagship machine.EOS-1D X Mark III, so we can achieve the ideal picture quality of weaklight regardless of the photographs or videos.

Two camera ISO 6400, 4K 30P video screenshot contrast

We can see the video quality performance of the two camera ISO 6400, in the weak light, it is difficult to directly soar high sensation to reach a direct shooting effect, and you must use more complex lighting equipment. Canon EOS R6 can also have ideal paintings in a weak light, both increase the shooting efficiency, and can greatly save light and human costs.

Second, the focus

Previously many friends bought Sony A7M3 is because in that era, Sony A7M3 has excellent facial recognition focus under video. But today Canon EOS R6 has better eye focus performance, and the focus performance is better under weak light.

Sony A7M3 video only supports facial recognition

Canon EOS R6 video can achieve sensitive eye tracking, and in various complex environments, focus is precise

Third, post-processing space

Canon EOS R6 and Sony A7M3 have a log curve, but Canon can also implement internal recorded 10bit video, and support HDR PQ Shot. More importantly, Sony A7M3 When shooting S-log, the native lowest sensitivity is ISO 800, and Canon opens C-log, the sensitivity is ISO 400, which is much more convenient when shooting in actual shooting.

Both cameras can record logs, but Canon's log sensitivity is lower, more convenient

In addition, compare the image quality of the two log curves, or see the details and noise control control of Canon C-Log. Although Sony A7M3 has S-log2 and s-log3, if you look at the picture quality under the video, it is still a little bit.

要画质更要对焦 视频工作者如何选择相机

Canon C-LOG is slightly better in the dark noise control and detail

Fourth, anti-shake

Canon EOS R6 supports 8-speed body anti-shake, not only useful when taking pictures, but also provides a better short-time hand-held shooting effect when video shooting. We can compare the effect of Canon EOS R6 and Sony A7M3 hand-held mirror, you can see that the picture captured by Canon EOS R6 will be more stable.

Sony A7M3 hand-held mirror, jitter is more obvious

Canon EOS R6 hand-held mirror can reduce jitter

For cameras, Canon EOS R6 is not only a good camera that shoots a video, but also a good photo camera. For taking pictures, this camera itself can provide ideal high-sensitive quality, while the camera is very good, whether it is a scenery or night view, it can be worn in a large-scale. In the past, you may use Sony to use more, mainly the Sony Micro launched an early age, and the lens group is relatively rich. But after Canon EOS R6, this camera is undoubtedly a better choice for video workers.


Just, we are talking about the input of video capture. In fact, for the post-processing, the requirements for the computer are relatively high.

For video later, the first common classification includes two categories: MAC systems and Windows systems. Apple's biggest advantage lies in its own Final Cut clipsoftwareFinal Cut has very good system optimization, which can provide very smoothVideo clipExperience. Of course, the disadvantage is also obvious, the closed system means more costs, whether it is a host or a supporting hardware and software equipment, Apple's cost performance is lower than the Windows system, and for making video special effects, in fact, Apple The system does not have much advantage.

Let's take a look, I have recently used the hardware selection of the Windows video platform.


If you consider a more complex video clip or special effects, a high-performance Windows desktop is a better choice. In terms of hardware selection, the video processing requires the highest CPU and memory size.

Video clip is very high in the performance requirements of the CPU. Now Canon EOS R6 can shoot 4K 60P video, if you want to make a more complex post-tuning, especially it is a 10bit video of C-log, we need a CPU to have enough strong Force. For desktops, now you can choose from I9-10900K or higher CPUs, you can get a more powerful force, and get a faster rendering speed when making AE effects.

For video processing, the memory size directly affects preview effects and rendering speeds. Therefore, there is no otherthing that can be said, the bigger the capacity, the faster frequency, the greater the value of the post-processing.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the graphics card portion. In the past, video rendering is not high, but now a lot of graphics cards, especially NVIDIA graphics cards, can take advantage of CUDA graphics card acceleration technology.Video conversionThe workload is transformed from the "central processing" mode of the computer CPU to the "common processing" mode of the NVIDIA graphics processor and the graphics processor. Thus greatly enhance video preview and rendering efficiency. To achieve CUDA acceleration, we'd better choose Geforce RTX 370 graphics cards, for example, the host I use now, I use I9-10900K CPU, with 32GB of memory and GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card.


Finally, the device is displayed. In the two monitors I used, the main display device is a VP-2785. The flagship 4K wide-color domain display can achieve 99% Argb color gamut, and support HDR function, not only the photo processing is very excellent. At the same time, it is an ideal video clip display. My auxiliary display is BenQ SW240, which is an excellent 24-inch full high-definition-wide domain display, equipped with pictures and video processing.

For video workers, excellent cameras and shooting equipment can greatly improve video input quality, and a good post-processing system that allows high quality to continue.So if you want to get more ideal video quality, it is not enough for the previous period, and it also requires the support of the complete hardware device.