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PS5 hardware information announced, currently the biggest winner is the party

DH 2020-03-24 09:31:15

So what is the prize?

This morning, PS5 held a very weird launch conference at GDC. The chief system architect, Mark Senigan, talked about the design logic of the PS5 for one hour, and confirmed the various nuclear parameters of the PS5.

GDC is a forum for developers and tends to communicate in the industry. From this point of view, this speech has no problem from the theme to the content.

The problem is that in theory, the PS5 first launched at the end of last year's TGA, but at the time only only one "icon" was released. Therefore, this speech can be regarded as the "starting meeting" in the true sense of PS5. Especially considering that Microsoft has been promoting the next generation of the Xbox Series X with great fanfare, the technical details of the console were disclosed a few days ago. In terms of preaching, Sony did not come up with a momentum that could compete with Microsoft, and the gap between some players' expectations was a little big.

In the end, it was not announced what the mainframe looks like.

The PS5 does not cover the XBOX Series X in terms of hard performance indicators. The CPU frequency is 0.3 GHz lower than XSX, and the GPU floating-point computing power is 10.28 TFlops, which is about 15% lower than XSX's 12TFlops. And this performance is obtained after crazy overclocking the GPU. How much can be played in actual operation is still unknown.

However, the success of a generation of hosts is only part of the absolute performance index. Judging from Microsoft's strategy of matching the two hosts listed on the market, although the performance of the XSX is fierce, the price may be very beautiful, and it is likely to exceed the current $ 599 / National Bank of 3999 yuan when the XBOX One X was first launched. Historically, no host has been able to achieve good sales in this price range. The real volume of the XBOX platform should still be a low-end model that has not yet been announced.

On the other hand, if the GPU used in PS5 is simply and rudely compared, it can be regarded as AMD desktop graphics card RX 5700. This graphics card can stabilize 30 frames under the highest special effects of 4K in most large games, which is a very clever positioning. If the price is relatively competitive, such as 399 US dollars / National Bank of 2800-3000 RMB, just stuck between the two high and low XBOX, there is still a certain cost-effective advantage.

The combined score of 3700X + 5700 on 3DMARK exceeds 93% of PCs, as a rough reference for PS5 performance

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the PS5 is its custom ultra-high-speed storage system. The PS5 SSD uses the PCIE 4.0 channel, and the loading speed is twice that of the XSX. The PS5 architects even recommend that some game designers take care and design some mechanisms to prevent the game from loading too fast and causing errors. Such a high-speed storage system may be a hidden backdoor to improve performance, but it is too early to guess.

PS5's audio system is also unique, the audio chip's computing power is equivalent to a PS4

Sony did not specifically commit to backward compatibility this time, but stated that PS5 can run PS4 mode, and most PS4 games can be played, which looks like a virtual machine system. The specific technical details and the backward compatibility with XBOX require more information to draw conclusions.

Regarding backward compatibility, PS4 will use a special "old host mode", presumably running as a virtual machine

The release of this generation of hosts can be said to be a comprehensive victory for the "Puppet Party" and analysts. Even before the hardware details of the two hosts were announced, many parameters had already been guessed. The fundamental reason is that the development of the chip industry is relatively slow, and it is unlikely that any company will hide any "black technology". The industry is highly concentrated, and the technical strength of an AMD chip factory defines the ecology of the entire console game market, which is not an exciting thing.

For players, no matter which performance on the paper is high or low, the changes brought about by the replacement of the console this time are more than the previous one. The PS5's audio processing chip alone has the same computing power as the entire PS4 processor. Ray tracing and the popularity of SSDs are also very intuitive for improving the gaming experience. Next time the host is upgraded again, I am afraid it will be difficult to make such progress.