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Dutch lithography machine purchased by SMIC comes to SMIC's response to the introduction of conv

DH 2020-03-26 10:51:50

As we all know, after the ZTE incident, many domestic companies paid much more attention to chips than at any previous stage. For example, Alibaba also founded Pingtou Semiconductor, because everyone is unwilling to see the second ZTE incident happen! However, we have to admit that the status quo is that there are indeed many domestic companies that make chips, but whether it is in the research and development or production links, in addition to Huawei Hisilicon and SMIC, other domestic companies and foreign giants The gap is still very large!

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Huawei is based on chip research and development, and SMIC has made progress in chip production!

In terms of chip research and development, we don't need to think about it. We all know that which company is the best is the Huawei Hisilicon chip! Now they are also very diversified in terms of chip layout. Mobile phone chips include Kirin and computer chips have Kunpeng. In addition, in terms of artificial intelligence, smart screens and other products, they already have their own chips! It is no exaggeration to say that Huawei Hisilicon chip is a well-deserved domestic boss!

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In terms of chip production, it cannot be ignored! Since the chip involves not only research and development, but also production packaging and other issues, this must be done by a professional chip production company. If we often pay attention to Huawei mobile phones, we should often see the name of another company, TSMC !! TSMC is the abbreviation of Taiwan Integrated Circuit Corporation. This company's ability in chip manufacturing is the global handle. Without them, the global high-end chip production efficiency can be greatly reduced!

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Among the chip manufacturing companies in the mainland, SMIC is the most famous, but compared with international giants such as TSMC, the gap is still very significant. However, it has also made considerable progress recently. In December last year, they 14nm chips have been successfully mass-produced. Although they are still several generations away from TSMC's 7nm chips, we should give them more encouragement!

SMIC welcomes Dutch lithography machine! But not EUV lithography!

As for the problem of backward chip technology of domestic chip manufacturing enterprises, the reason is actually very simple. There is no advanced lithography machine! And this lithography machine determines the process technology of the chip, so if you can get advanced lithography machine, then the process improvement of chip production is not a big problem! However, today, such products are mainly produced by ASML of the Netherlands, but due to some special reasons, SMIC has not been able to purchase the top EUV lithography machines, which has affected SMIC to a certain extent. International chip technology level!

In the last two days, people in the circle have been discussing the issue that SMIC welcomes the Dutch lithography machine! It turned out that there were media reports that a large lithography machine imported by SMIC from the Netherlands has entered SMIC's factory! As soon as this news came out, everyone thought that the SUV EUV lithography machine ordered by SMIC had arrived, because if this lithography machine arrived, SMIC could produce 7nm chips, so everyone was very Excited! But soon, SMIC clarified. They said that the company did welcome a lithography machine in the Netherlands, but this lithography machine is not the long-awaited EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography machine, but rather Ordinary conventional lithography machines, they bought to expand the production line! After hearing this news, many netizens were still a little disappointed!

In the future, SMIC may assume the role of producing chips for Huawei!

In my opinion, SMIC now belongs to the domestic chip manufacturers, and Huawei is the handle of R & D chips. Today, Huawei's chips are mainly manufactured by TSMC, but this kind of foundry is single The sexual model has always had greater risks, because TSMC is likely to be forced to some kind of pressure in the future, and it will be out of stock directly to Huawei. At that time, Huawei with no chip available may follow the old path of ZTE chips!

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Therefore, in this context, SMIC is highly expected by everyone! Once SMIC has mastered the world's top chip manufacturing processes, such as the 7nm process, then domestic chips can be self-reliant in production. While TSMC has really changed, Huawei will not be afraid. International foundry!

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Currently, according to media reports, since SMIC has been able to produce 14nm process chips, Huawei has already handed over the relevant orders to them. Therefore, if SMIC can take the next step in the future, Huawei's future chip OEM Maybe more will be delivered to SMIC. At that time, SMIC will take on the role of producing chips for Huawei. Therefore, SMIC has to refuel!