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In addition to plastic

  • Source:www.szbesttool.com
  • Release on:2015-01-07
     Samsung machine drops vinyl, usually power CPU, font full closure. Nokia's relatively good vinyl pry more. Prepare aMonolithic
    Air gunTemperature of about 280, about 4 wind. Small wind mouth. Glue first IC next removed, so as not to pry the rubber band off small parts. Clear well after the IC warm up for 30 seconds, then air gun temperature to 320 degrees, the maximum wind, blowing around the IC side, feel about the same time, side by side blowing gently pry monolithic look, see if you can pry . Words can not continue to blow, to put the chip to find leveraging anchor (shield too) directly to the IC pry, and then followed by the second, third full. Evenly coated on the board after pryWelding OilWithIronPlusTin wireThe board of flattened tin point, and then thinner to clean.Air gunTemperature to about 280 byMonolithicClear the board remaining glue.