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The longest winter vacation ever, what do you do ?

www.szbesttool.com 2015-01-10 18:36:19

This year, because of leap September,,?the winter vacation?starts in early January, end in early March, 2015 Spring Festival has become one of the latest  Chinese New Year during the last 30 years.  And also it made “The longest winter vacation ever” in many colleges and universities.This year's winter vacation is up to 60 days. Compared with previous years, it is significantly longer . The long winter break, what should college students do?

  According to data shown by the online survey ,now has a lot of "female otaku house,"  who has no other skills, but very good at dazing to kill time.

  Such long winter holiday of this year,we can not be use time for nothing, right Let BEST tool with you to spend a different kind of fulfilling holiday.

Before Spring Festival Eve, every family will make spring-cleaning. While this time we will clear up a lot of old or dirty appliances. Repair those appliances by yourself, not only can reduce the burden of parents, but also can  becomes charming man. Recommended BST-113 Kit Tool Kit, it contains a multimeter, screwdriver, tweezers, electric pen tool that can solve the problem of all electrical appliances 


Does the tech geek want to explore iPhone6 internal structures during the winter vacation BST-609 takes you to explore the real secret of iPhone6

  If you want an wonderful new year, you'd like to  to clean the spare parts of watch, the eye lens, baby pacifier, jewelry and etc. BST-300 ultrasonic cleaner take items on a new look.