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Xiaomi - the youngest Fortune 500 company in history

YH 2019-07-31 16:20:29
On July 22nd, the US Fortune magazine released the list of the world's top 500 in 2019. The Xiaomi Group made its debut, ranking 468, becoming the youngest of the world's top 500! (except for companies resulting from the merger)
Lei Jun was excited to send two Weibo and one WeChat.
At 2 pm on July 22, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, celebrated the microblog: Although I really want to pretend that "the world's top 500 is not awkward", but can not resist the excitement...

Then followed by another Weibo expressed the excitement of Xiaomi's list of the world's top 500.

At 8:44 pm, Lei Jun’s personal micro-signal of the same name was released as “Lei Jun’s internal mail: the youngest of the world’s top 500! Millet! 》 article.
The article mentioned that “in order to express our gratitude to the employees and their families, we will give each millet employee 1000 shares of Xiaomi Group.”

On July 23, Lei Jun issued a statement saying that the top 500 also has a welfare: every Xiaomi classmate can get a T-shirt. The "Youngest World Top 500" is printed on it.

There are 7 Internet companies in the world, including Amazon, Google's parent company Alphabet, Facebook, Jingdong, Alibaba, Tencent, and Xiaomi.
Among them, Xiaomi is defined as the "Internet Service and Retail" industry enterprise, ranking for the first time, ranking 468, becoming the fourth Chinese Internet company after Jingdong, Alibaba and Tencent, and the seventh Internet in the world. enterprise.
At the same time, in this year's list data, the number of large Chinese companies is the same as the United States for the first time. Of the 500 companies, 129 are from China, surpassing the United States (121) for the first time in history.
At present, there are 7 Internet companies on the list and 4 in China. The addition of Xiaomi has made the number of Chinese Internet companies more than the United States.
From the founding of the millet to the world's top 500, it took only nine years. Compared with Jingdong's 18 years, Alibaba's 18 years, Tencent's 14 years and Huawei's 23 years, Xiaomi deserves to be "the youngest of the world's top 500."

Why does Xiaomi quickly occupy the market and create miracles?
The small series on this issue summarizes two reasons.
The first is the triathlon business model of Xiaomi's intelligent hardware, new retail and Internet. Xiaomi is also the first to infiltrate the superiority of this business model into the entire ecosystem of the Internet of Everything.
At present, the small mini eco-chain has more than 200 enterprises, including more than 400 products, covering various fields such as household appliances and kitchen appliances.
The second is perhaps a young but vibrant corporate atmosphere in Xiaomi. Xiao Wan, the co-founder of Xiaomi, once summed up the principle of using 8 people in Xiaomi in the “Participation of Participation: The Internal Manual of Xiaomi Word of Mouth Marketing”.
1, the team first, the second product
2. One of the most important tasks of the founder is to find someone.
3, 8 partners on each side
4, a reliable employee top 100
5, the most suitable person must have an entrepreneurial mentality
6, give the team the benefit, let the staff "cool"
7, forget about KPI, flatten the organizational structure
8, let employees become fans, let fans become employees
Xiaomi's intention to serve the users in an "old friend" way has quickly captured the largest audience in the market - the young people.
In 2017, Xiaomi’s revenue of 7 years was broken. Become the fastest-growing company with revenues of over 100 billion.
In July 2018, Xiaomi Group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the first listed company with different rights in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
In 2019, Xiaomi officially launched the "mobile +AIoT" dual-engine strategy. Provide "nuclear kinetic energy" for Xiaomi in the next five years.
At present, Xiaomi has entered more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Great success worldwide. The arrival of the AI ​​era, I believe will bring you more opportunities and stage for Xiaomi Group.
"I believe that good things are about to happen"
Congratulations to Xiaomi Group
This year, Xiaomi is a good thing. On July 9th, coincided with the first anniversary of Xiaomi’s listing in Hong Kong, Lei Jun said on Weibo that “Northern drifting, fighting for more than nine years, finally buying a house.” Lei Jun’s purchase of “house” is the 340,000-square Xiaomi Science and Technology Park.
The Xiaomi Science and Technology Park was launched on the same day and held an opening ceremony. Lei Jun introduced on Sina Weibo that Xiaomi Science and Technology Park has a total of 8 buildings, 340,000 square meters, and 5.2 billion yuan! Xiaomi will start moving immediately and is expected to move at the end of September.
Xiaomi Science and Technology Park office building has a unique landscape, with floor-standing design, wide vision, and very friendly to the program.

The design of the fitness facilities and staff restaurant also follows the theme of Xiaomi. Very warm heart.

Not long ago, Xiaomi Group launched the 2020 campus recruitment plan.
Up to 22 jobs, working all over the world
This year's newly recruited Xiaomi classmates are blessed!