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Smart flexible screen smart bracelet comes out! Mobile phone will be replaced?

  • Author:YH
  • Release on:2019-07-31
With the advent of foldable phones

The use of flexible screens is also becoming more widespread

Foreign designers have designed a

Smart Flexible Screen Bangle - Digital Jewellery

The display ratio is very high, and the picture quality is quite good.

As the pull and wrist turn, the bracelet picture changes constantly

Switch between various styles, don't be too dark

In addition to technology enthusiasts, I believe that the trend of the people is also heart-warming

It also has a built-in gyroscope

Positive sensing

No matter how the hand moves

The surface always stays facing the wearer facing the position

Flexible screen operability is extremely flexible

You can also force your face to brush your face and send a dynamic

Number of steps, heart rate

Weather forecast, information notification

The phone has all the features you need.

It is still a concept product

It takes a while to really put it into commercial use.

Someday in the future

Will the flexible screen bracelet replace the phone?

Become a "new mobile phone" for humans?