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How much change will 5G bring to our travels?

YH 2019-07-31 15:11:29

5G communication technology has come to us with its extraordinary data transmission rate. Just like the advent of 4G in the past, no one can imagine that changing from 3G to 4G has only changed a number, but it has changed the earth's life. It can even be said that 4G communication technology has almost eliminated traditional banknotes and changed the traditional industry.

So we may wish to imagine that the coming of 5G will bring us something? 5G As a new generation of mobile communication technology with large broadband, low latency and large connection, we have reason to believe that its arrival will push people's mobile broadband experience to new heights, which will greatly enrich people's work, life and entertainment. Experience. What we are going to talk about today is what impact will the automotive industry have on the 5G ubiquitous environment?

Before discussing this issue, let's look at a news article: It is reported that the July 12th “Creating a New Life” summit forum was held in Liuzhou. The Liuzhou Municipal Government of Guangxi, China announced the official launch of the world's first public test road integrating four cutting-edge technologies of 5G, V2X, driverless and remote driving. Xinbaojun will be the first to use the first 5G base station group in China to be set up on the public test road. There are three keywords [5G] [V2X] and [New Baojun]. Let's explain them separately.

What is 5G?

First of all, we need to review again what is 5G. The so-called 5G is not 1G more than 4G. "G" is the abbreviation of English Generation, and Chinese means "generation". 5G stands for 5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems and is an extension of 4G systems. From 1G to 4G, the core of mobile communication is the connection between people, while 5G is to extend the connection between people to everything can be connected to each other.

The 5G network has three main characteristics. High speed, not just downloading 30 movies in one second, VR, AR, cloud technology will seamlessly connect with life; high reliability, low latency, no driver, remote surgery is no longer far away; large number of terminals The Internet will form a broader and open Internet of Things, making smart homes and smart cities possible.

In short, because with the development of the mobile Internet, the communication needs of users and the connection of various intelligent terminals will generate massive amounts of data. 5G allows us to share information with any smart device anytime, anywhere, to create a fully mobile and fully connected digital society. 5G will redefine many industries that offer connected services, from retail to education, transportation to entertainment, and all industries in between. Of course, our travel methods are bound to be changed by 5G. So what will happen in the future?

It is necessary to understand the latest V2X technology before we think about it.

What is V2X?

Then, after we can understand 5G and understand the concept of "Internet of Everything". As an object, the scene in the 5G era should be that each car will be connected to each other as a brand new agent! Does this sound like a very futuristic concept of science fiction? But in fact this technology is not far from us, its name is called V2X.

V2X means Vehicle to Everything, which is the exchange of information between the car and the outside world. This Everything contains the following:

1. V2N (Vehicle To Network) means the connection between the car and the Internet, which is arguably the most widely used connection. A common application method is that the car system is connected to the Internet through a mobile phone hotspot to obtain real-time navigation information or play network music. There are also a number of car systems that provide a card slot that can be plugged directly into a flow card for connection to the Internet.

2. V2V (Vehicle To Vehicle) means the connection between the car and the car. The purpose is to realize collision warning and avoid congestion by means of information exchange between the car and the car. For example, when crossing the Panshan Highway, the old driver will press a few horns before entering the corner. The purpose is to tell the vehicle in the blind zone to "feed! The person in front listens, the uncle wants to come over and give me some points." After using V2V technology, the communication between drivers can be done without the need for a horn, and information such as speed and direction can be transmitted to each other.

3. V2I (Vehicle To Infrastructure) means the connection between the vehicle and the infrastructure. Infrastructure includes traffic lights, signs and even roadblocks. This connection seems to be a more ribbed function for the driver, but in the field of autonomous driving, the role of V2I is still very obvious, the important thing is that the car itself can find obstacles in front.

4. V2P (Vehicle To Pedestrian) means the connection between the car and the pedestrian. The main purpose of this technology is also similar to V2V, which prevents collisions through the interaction of information. But what makes V2P harder than V2V is that not everyone goes out with an electronic device that can communicate with the vehicle.

The original intention of V2X technology is to create a "zero congestion, zero collision" driving life for us. However, in the past, when the network operator communicated with other vehicles or facilities, the network delay was very high, and there was a great security risk. But with the popularity of 5G, delay will not be a problem to consider. In conjunction with the development of V2X technology, the “zero collision” phenomenon will likely become a reality. When these technologies were conquered, we wanted to implement it at the application level, and there must be a carrier. At this time, the new Baojun came into being.

Xinbaojun's intelligent gene

New Baojun is such a brand that dares to be the first, and 5G has become a new trend in the automotive industry. And intelligence has always been the brand gene of New Baojun, so what is the new Baojun ready for the arrival of 5G?

It is reported that Xinbaojun has carried out product testing with its two intelligent networked new cars, the RC-6 and RM-5, in the first 5G base station group in China that is set up on the public test road. Nine 9G base stations have been opened on the road, which is the first 5G base station group in the country to be built on public test roads. The Chinese car brand Xinbaojun launched the world's first public test road 5G base station group, which was also reported by the global news agency Reuters. With 5G empowering cars, China is at the forefront of the technology trend.

The significance of Xinbaojun's product testing here is that in the future, Xinbaojun will be a smart pioneer, providing mature intelligent products to users earlier than other auto companies. According to internal news, the new Baojun test car has been able to achieve long-distance driving on the road. Xinbaojun is working with Bosch, Botai, China Mobile, Huawei, and the company to develop in-depth cooperation in V2X and 5G networks, remote driving and automatic driving, through smarter technologies and products. User travel brings more possibilities. In the intelligent driving control, the new Baojun gave us too much expectation.

In the smart experience, the new Baojun is ready for 5G, this is the new Baojun mobile phone network system. Mobile phone networking will be commercialized with 5G communication technology, and the first 5G vehicle network car will be born through rapid iteration of mobile phone hardware. The Internet application ecosystem that users install in the car no longer needs to be stripped from the mobile phone ecosystem application that they are used to, and the entire car system is controlled by the mobile phone computing power. The new Baojun mobile phone network is undoubtedly a new interpretation of the car networking system.

First and foremost, the new Baojun mobile car network is the first car networking system in history without a "car". Xinbaojun replaced the car with the computing power and AI capability of the mobile phone, and realized that all the capabilities of the advanced smart phone were embedded in the car, and the car was put into the user's pocket, making the car network a 24-hour portable car network. This design has a win-win effect for users and developers.

For developers, developing mobile phone networking based on Android or iOS system avoids the complexity of re-developing a system, saving a lot of manpower and time costs; for users, the car is a mobile phone, eliminating the need for a car. The learning cost of the machine is also more in line with daily usage habits. After replacing the mobile phone with the mobile phone, the user can fully transplant the mobile phone ecology into the daily car experience. The car machine is no longer a separate ecology, but will be incorporated into our daily life, truly making travel a part of daily life. . And, we no longer have to worry about limited in-vehicle traffic, the mobile phone network will keep pace with our daily use. In addition, when the mobile phone hardware is updated, the latest mobile computing power will be embedded in the car, let us always enjoy the latest version.

But this does not explain the entire New Baojun mobile car network. The new Baojun mobile phone network is not just "moving the mobile phone to the car", but also based on the mobile phone ecology and travel scenarios to make new adaptations and development. For example, when you come to the car, you can unlock the car by simply shaking your phone, without having to bring the car key, but it also ensures safety while maximizing the simplification of the steps. In addition, for different mobile phone and car use scenarios, the new Baojun mobile car network can send and receive WeChat through voice, reduce the risk of use, and provide us with convenient travel social services. Born out of the mobile phone, and served in the travel scene, this is the true meaning of the new Baojun mobile phone network.

With the development of 5G technology, the future will be an information age. Automotive interconnection is no longer a dream, but a standard for the industry. The new car is not only equipped with a certain technology, but a combination of navigation system, intelligent driving, remote control, etc., to liberate the hands of the owner and achieve a more cool driving experience. We believe that the speed of China's autonomous driving is no less than that of the world's mainstream countries, and the arrival time of 5G will be faster than we expected! Everyone just needs to be full of expectations, 5G travel will bring you an extraordinary experience that is hard to imagine!