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What does Huawei think? SMIC stated that the United States may revise its policies or may not be abl

DH 2020-06-04 13:53:49

As we all know, since the U.S.'s chip ban on Huawei has been upgraded recently, many netizens have broken their hearts and offered various tips for Huawei to solve chip problems, such as buying chips through MediaTek and looking for SMIC OEM, Take advantage of the 120-day buffer period and so on.

Among them, the method of finding SMIC's foundry is most thinkable, on the one hand, because SMIC is a foundry company in the mainland, and Huawei's finding of SMIC is also equivalent to domestic substitution, supporting domestic production The purpose of a win-win situation.

But can SMIC really succeed in OEM for Huawei? I'm afraid not necessarily. Recently, SMIC’s return to the A-share prospectus was published, which clearly stated: "Some semiconductor equipment and technology imported from the United States may not be used to manufacture products for several customers before obtaining the US Department of Commerce administrative license. "

This means that SMIC is subject to the US export policy, and it is not for those who want to OEM, because SMIC uses a large number of US semiconductor equipment and has to listen to the US.

For example, in the announcement released by SMIC in March, it showed that SMIC purchased equipment orders from Pan Lin (LAM) and applied materials, which were US$600 million and US$540 million, respectively, totaling more than US$1.14 billion. , Up to 8 billion.

In addition, there are key equipment such as lithography machines, which are actually limited. The United States had interfered with the export license of ASML lithography machines last year, and currently only ASML lithography machines can be used in 10nm or higher processes. , So there are still many restrictions.

I don't know how Huawei views this matter, and how netizens comment on this matter. To put it bluntly, I want to solve the problem through some detours. It is estimated that it will not work. It can only be solved positively. As Huawei himself said: except for victory, there is no way to go.

So the really correct solution may only be to go to the United States and use American equipment, but want to evade export control, I am afraid it is unrealistic.