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Huawei makes great achievements! The U.S. science and technology community did not expect, China'

DH 2020-06-09 16:22:54

5G era

From 1G to 4G, the rapid development of communication technology not only brought great changes to people's lives, but also laid the foundation for the development of a country. Now, the 5G era is coming, and our country will be a well-deserved protagonist in this era!

Thanks to the mastery of 5G core technologies by several major domestic communication companies, our domestic 5G construction has already been at the forefront of the world. According to preliminary estimates, by the end of 2020, the number of domestic 5G base stations will exceed 500,000, and the 5G network will truly cover every place in the country!

Among the domestic communication companies that have mastered 5G technology, Huawei is the most critical and the most powerful. Our domestic 5G construction can maintain a leading position. A large part of the reason lies in Huawei, and Huawei 5G is also a worldwide Absolutely top!

Is 5G really so important for a company or a country? The answer is inevitable, otherwise there will not be so many companies or countries in the world so eager for 5G technology. In the future, 5G technology will be the general direction of global technological development. Whoever takes the lead in 5G will be able to occupy a leading position in future development.

At present, the domestic Huawei company is the world leader in this regard, so Huawei will rise in the future, so Huawei has also been suppressed by the United States. Although this kind of suppression has imposed a certain degree of restriction on Huawei's development, Huawei has recently made great achievements to prove to us that it still has strong strength!

Huawei makes great achievements

Recently, according to the latest global statistics on the number of 5G technology patents, the domestic "5G Tiantuan" including Huawei, ZTE and Datang Telecom has become the world with 34% of the 5G technology patent competition. First, it surpassed the United States and South Korea in one fell swoop.

That is to say, in terms of 5G technology, the three major domestic technology giants occupy the absolute leading position, not only surpassing the United States and South Korea to become the world's first, but also making the US technology industry unexpected! Because this represents our country's impressive achievements in 5G, Huawei has made great achievements again in this competition!

Huawei has always been a leader in 5G patented technology. This time, our country can't be separated from Huawei by winning the world's first in the competition of global 5G patented technology. So, as long as a company has mastered the core technology, it can glow and heat no matter what!

Is China's 5G stable?

This comprehensive domestic lead in 5G has not only changed the embarrassing position of the domestic technological level that has been lagging behind, but also made people full of confidence in the future development of our country. Because domestic 5G has stabilized, relying on 5G, we will certainly be able to lead others in technology in the future and truly become a technological power.

In the past, the realization of technological autonomy and becoming a technological power has always been a dream of our country, but due to many reasons, this dream has never been realized. But it is different now. When domestic 5G is completely stabilized, we can take this to take off and complete our dream!

The 5G era is coming quietly. This will definitely change an era, and will also achieve an era. Our country will master the most advanced 5G technology and become the protagonist of this new era!

to sum up

Both Huawei and other domestic technology companies that have mastered 5G have contributed to the development of 5G in our country. When we rise in the future, these companies are well-deserved heroes! This time, China surpassed the United States and South Korea in 5G technology and won the world's first place. Huawei can be said to have made great contributions again, and it is worthy of our support!

5G is the mainstream trend in the future development of science and technology. Our country is already in a leading position in 5G. I believe we will continue to maintain this position and emerge as a true technological power in the future!