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Do you want to update? It is most important to look for these three points!

Yh 2021-05-11 15:51:27

we know,Mobile phoneIs hardware andsoftwareTwo parts, and with the continuous improvement of technology, the software has also ushered in the big upgrade while hardware specifications, this is the most attractive attention to the system part. Whether it is iOS, or Android, the system is in the continuous "evolution", so the system push update notice is actually a matter of normal.


However, although the mobile phone system upgrade is not difficult, the system itself is very complicated. Many times, a little uncertainty factor will bring a large use, which also makes a lot of users. So do you want to update your system, let's take a look.

1. Problems that may occur after the mobile phone system is updated

Today, with the increase in system functions, the system has become increasingly large. Constantly system update, the most direct impact is to take up larger storage space.


In fact, there is no difference between the mobile phone system update and installing the APP, you needdownloadInstall the package to the local, then restart the installation, and the system firmware itself is an oversized file.DecompressionAfter only a larger, several g, more than a dozen G will occupy a large part of the ROM space.


This is still not finished, the mobile phone system is a running program, which means it will also take up a part of the memory space. So, when the phone memory and flash memory are very fixed, the system will get bigger and bigger, this will crowd more mobile space, add other programs to run, and the phone is in a strange.

In addition, increasing system features will also bring some other questions, such as consuming electricity, software is not compatible, and so on. In most cases, in most cases related to system optimization, after the new system installation is completed, the CPU and the system algorithm will continue to optimize in the background. So, the mobile phone will naturally increase the problem. So, many times we will find that the new mobile phone after the update is the most serious, and it is generally necessary to use it for a period of time.

APP stop operation (Figure Yuan network)

As for the case where the software is not compatible, it is not much more common, but it also exists. After the system's large version is updated, some app may not use, flash off and other issues, basically related to the software development side, without keeping up with the new system R & D rhythm, causing not compatibility between software systems. You can confirm whether the app itself needs to be updated to match the new system.

Of course, the emergence of these risks is always linked to "chance", what we can do is to try to reduce these risks, so do you want to update your mobile phone system often, this is necessary to set it according to specific circumstances!

2, the performance is too low or the old mobile phone does not recommend frequent updates

In general, mobile phone manufacturers update the system, in addition to repairing security vulnerabilities, some of the BUG, ​​the main job is to increase new features for mobile phones, "cost" is the demand for hardware performance, which will increase the boat, this pair "Pervert "The flagship is nothing wrong with the flagship, but it is different for the old mobile phone.

Think about our own purchase experience, just bought new mobile phones, even thousands of balances, often smooth. However, with the constant update of the system and the hardware loss, the old model will become more and more hardware, especially the low-end mobile phones after 2-3 years later, this situation Will be more obvious.

Old mobile phone (Daiyuan Network)

There is no doubt that with the continuous update of the system, the emergency new features are increasing the load of hardware. For friends who use old mobile phones, if they don't have a very urgent upgrade, such as repair security vulnerabilities, fix the bug, Al or have new features really attracted you, or not update better.

Correspondingly, if your phone has a strong performance, or a new phone, it is natural, it is generally recommended to update, the new mobile phone is easy, it is less likely to have serious bugs, the experience will also improve .

3. The big version is "cautious" update, the small version can be "diligently" update

Of course, in addition to the situation of the mobile phone, we can also start with the system itself, we can also start from the large version and small versions. In general, for some older phones, when updating the system, try to update the large version of the system, the small version can be relatively updated "hard".

The so-called large version is a quality change in the system update, including functional improvement, may involve a leading experience, such as daily interaction, animation, function expansion, etc., these updates will generally not only be small. Changes within the range, but changes to the system underlayer, and most of the adaptation upgrade for certain new models, even if the old models support new systems, but in the use experience is definitely unable to compare with the new mobile phone.

iOS 14 (Daiyuan Network)

So for this big version of the update, it is recommended that everyone is cautious, don't go to update right away. You can wait and pay attention to the feedback of other users. After waiting for a while, make sure that this big version of the update does not have a problem, then update the phone.


In comparison, the small version update is different, it is basically optimized in the current system version of the mobile phone, and the content and range of the update are much smaller, but some bugs in the system are fixed, At the same time, some new details change content will not be involved in the underlying problem of the system.

This means that this update impact on the mobile phone will be relatively small, nor will it cause problems such as a mobile phone carton or a large amount of electricity consumption, so for the upgrade of a small version of the system, it is recommended to follow.

Finally, there is something:

Overall, the advantages and disadvantages of the update system are coexisting, but in most cases, the system is not a bad thing, from functional and security, the system update is still greater than the disadvantage, After all, the new version is committed to solving the bugs and vulnerabilities left by the previous version, and is an upgrade and optimization of the existing experience.

But we must also see the risks and problems behind it. In short, it is not a direct system update, especially for old models, frequent systems will bring some problem. In short, it is recommended that everyone will choose from their actual situation. It is not that every system notification must be updated. It doesn't have to avoid it as a snake. If you don't worry, it is like I said above, try to wait for a while, Look at everyone's feedback!