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These wonderful cars were invented, are you on your car?

YH 2019-07-31 14:30:48

About the car

Development has been more than just technological progress

Many automotive peripheral products are constantly innovating

In the past, people just hung on the car.

To keep safe

It’s really amazing now.

Some will even be fined by the traffic police.

In addition to a wide variety of pendants

Many manufacturers have also designed many "exotic" inventions.

Let's take a look at it below.

Automatic flop

Xiao Bian feels that the person who invented this thing should really catch it. This kind of thing completely destroys the traffic rules. Some uncivilized car owners are free to speed red light when they are installed, and put the safety of life out of the way. The most annoying thing is that even if the surveillance is photographed It is also not fine.

However, if it is caught by the traffic police,At the very least, the fine is 2,000 yuan, 12 points are deducted, and the vehicle is temporarily deducted.

Car toilet

This is indeed a very embarrassing invention. It is very useful for children. For adults, who would be very interested in taking pants out to solve problems. And if the car toilet is left in the car for a long time, then who can taste it.

Seat belt buckle

Via. car home

Many people suspect that the seat belt is uncomfortable. If the seat belt is not seated, the car alarm sound is too noisy, so that a seat belt buckle can be inserted into the buckle so that it is neither noisy nor restrained by the seat belt. This kind of practice is very wrong. Fastening your safety factor can greatly improve your safety factor. If you accidentally accidentally have a traffic accident, the chance of surviving a seat belt is 70% lower than that of a seat belt.

Parking penalty free artifact

Via. car fan

This is in order to deal with the strange invention of the birth of illegal parking, using a clothing store's dummy to pretend that the car is being repaired, which is too much to put the traffic police's IQ in the eye, deceived for a while, deceived the world?

Luminous tire

Via. car fan

The person who invented this kind of tire must be very romantic, but it cannot be denied that this is a very chickeny invention. This tire has no other use except for the light, but in the crowded city road, who has the mood to see What about your tires?

The above five kinds of exotic inventions

Is there in your car?