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The reason is not a substitute television monitors finally found

Yh 2021-11-30 14:36:54

Currently the price of a 27-inch 4K display at 2,000 yuan, while a 55-inch 4K TV price or even less than 2,000 yuan, so why do not we choose a larger size TVs, instead of display it?

In fact, whether substitutes for each other between TV and monitor the debate has continued for many years, which is the main reason as millet and other TV manufacturers strong incoming new, mainstream-level cliff-style TV prices fall, compared with the price display more dimensions has the advantage, after all, the approximate price you can buy 55-inchLCD TV.

So many users began to have this idea: the same price if we buy a TV as a monitor to use more cost-effective it? But say you may not believe, can not replace the TV monitor. Here I come to explain in detail why TV can not be used when the display.

Color calibration and show different styles

Because more TV tend to entertainment, so the color tuning, more to please the eye candy eye. For example, showing green screen, television might optimize color, so that it becomes bright green, although some of the darker green will be more realistic, but brilliant green is undoubtedly more to please the eye. At the same time the display color television standard used in completely different color from the current standard used for the sRGB display, and the television standard is used Rec.709 DCI-P3, or a few standard.


The reason why the display will show the greatest degree of precision color, due to the daily needs of the user. Whether it is because we are using a display repair photos, or print and so need the most realistic picture effect, if the color deviation is large, then it will affect the overall effect of the work. For example, we want to print a photograph showing on TV is bright red, and print it out has become a dark red. Inconsistent color tuning of television will eventually cause can not be placed on the desktop use.

Both the gray scale range is not a

In addition to the display color between the television is not a criteria other than, for the range of gray scale display is completely different. Under normal circumstances, we grayscale range of 0 to 256 to measure the ability to restore the screen. For professional displays, due to the need for text or image processing, the display may exhibit substantially between 0 to 256 gray level, i.e., the display to show all from black to white is divided into 256 steps . The TV for grayscale reproduction capability is not so harsh, most only shows gray scale between 16 to 235, in 16 or less 16 or less full display as black, more than 235 full display as pure white.


For such a difference, not only for the need to make plans, pay attention to the color performance of the user is a disaster, even ordinary users will also be affected to some extent. For example, the game some of the details in the dark and bright at the loss you might be ambushed; watching pictures, due to the loss of detail, so that photos debased; in productionExcelAnd other forms, because of inaccurate black, white, gray rendered, might have to spend a lot of effort to be able to see.

Text sharpness and definition TV is not enough

The basic purpose of television is used to play a movie or game screen is displayed, their common feature is a screen are dynamic. Therefore, when developing LCD TVs, will be optimized for dynamic images to enhance the sharpness of motion picture, but the side effects is a static picture is not so good. In fact the text is not clear enough TV show is not caused by low resolution, even 4K TV also has such a problem might arise. This is mainly due to the transition image sharpening and other issues make the text is not clear enough, people seem more difficult.


The display, by contrast, is positioned to face graphics design, layout design-oriented consumers. Their work are basically static picture, hence the preference for tuning display static images, so clarity and, aspects gray-scale text color accuracy will be more outstanding.

Write in the last:

Many people believe that TV and displays will eventually become a type of product.In fact, in many years ago, there are manufacturers have launched such products, such as the display supports the built-in TV module, trying to make text in the IC chip, both video, but the actual effect is not satisfactory.Together with expensive prices, such products have long been eliminated by the market.

In fact, it has continued for many years between the TV and the display, and the two have overlap in many functions, just in the use scenario.At present, it is difficult for TV and display to be more fused.If you only use your computer to play a movie, you can use a large screen TV to act as a display, but if you need a office scene, you should not act as a display.