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Don't spray Apple 60 yuan card, it's really bought!

Yh 2021-11-30 14:28:53

Apple listed a cleaning cloth price of 145 yuan, let netizens spray a week,At present, the official website has been robbed, and then buys the delivery needs.3-5week……

Yesterday, I was also in the following "products":

This is a needle of SIM card, and the price of Apple official website is 60 yuan.. When I saw this scene, the netizens also fell, the complaints of the Consumers Association were also thrown, and even if so, there are users to buy them for this, and one buy is two, and the sun and the evaluation, the original text is as follows :

苹果上架“曲别针”一根60元 网友吵翻了!

The second half of the sun is worth thinking about: "Android cach can be used, but the hand feels, it may also damage the motherboard."

I am distinguishediPhoneUsers can have this idea,We guess a few main reasons:

1. The iPhone used to use, was broken by her Android card ...
2, her ancestral iPhone 6S also wants to use more years, so it is more cherished ...
3, do not believe in any apple digital products, including accessories ...
4, there is a company to reimburse 120 yuan, so I will evaluate it ...

Regardless of the reason for the purchase, we summarized the two major factors of the user who purchased 60 yuan card:1, feel good, do not hurt the motherboard, based on these two points, we will analyze it.

0160 yuan of card needle feel bettercell phoneCan you smash a few times?

I don't know if someone else, the author will only smash the SIM card slot. When I bought a new mobile phone, I was selling a mobile phone for the second time ...

How many users are like me, I will only replace SIM card on the first day and last at the last day.

The above users seem to have a more ceremonial feeling when "buy new machines" and "replacement machine", in order to fully feel this in the hands of the first and last changed SIM card Pleasant, there is no 60-piece card. It is not good, and it should be "one-time" in the hand, so you don't want the iPhone to accompany her.

It seems that after I bought a new iPhone,In addition to the charger in the box, the cartridge does not give you the same ...

iPhone's SIM card slot is tight "feel" bad card, can cause a bad experience

In fact, in order to ensure that the SIM card can be more closely fitted with the copper sheet inside, the SIM card slot is generally designed, if the needle is not happy, plus the hand paper is sweating, more or less will produce certain The inconvenience, but the current frequency of the public is not so high, so because the feel is to buy such a product, this reason is indeed a bit stiff.

02 Isn't Apple's official card neck?

This is a messy message, and there is currently no one because of this problem. I went to the market to buy dozens of cards, I have tested it until my iPhone is inserted.

And since there is a SIM card slot or a "non-removable battery" day, the SIM card is installed, the SIM card is no longer turned on to take out the battery back cover, and then insert the SIM card in the slot. Instead, the SIM card and the card slot are inserted into the slot of the side of the mobile phone border, and this design has had more than ten years.

Some people do bad because of the SIM card, we read a lot of forums and cases, and the following points have the following points:

1. The pin is broken in the card slot.

From the summary of damage to the case, it is not difficult to see that this seemingly inconspicuous object is indeed, it will cause various problems.And we have read a lot of information and found some answers:

1. Earlier, some cars are indeed used multiple times, because the user uses improper use of the needle to remain in the card slot, the initial kink is iron, aluminum, if it is over, strong magnetic Ironstones have a chance to succeed.

The material of the iPhone 5 is "LiquidMetal" before the iPhone 5 is a combination of zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel, and aluminum, so the iron stone is unhappy. After the iPhone 6, the material of the handle is replaced with "amorphous alloy", directly translated into Chinese is "zirconium-based amorphous",This problem is avoided compared to the previous material.

That is to say, after 2016, it will not have any iPhone original card in the card slot unless the frequency of use is too large.

The SIM card slot will avoid operational inside the body through the new design to avoid improper operation.

2, the earlier mobile phone does have a SIM card to remove the bronze sheets that come into contact, and even wear the mobile phone internal battery, semiconductor resistance, etc., but also in 2015, the supplier of the SIM card slot will re-re-interior design,In other words, now unless you have a strong use of great efforts, we will never wear inside the phone, and will not hurt the motherboard.

Write in the last:

After seeing 145 yuan of polishing cloth and 60 yuan of card needles, these two accessories have previously used "gifts" in the form of Apple's packaging box, which can't help but imagine, before Needle, polishing cloth even if I don't have to buy products, I also pay 60, 145 yuan ... Perhaps these will gradually and charging the charging head as the apple product is called "with" accessories, it will be in the form of goods in the form of goods. Apple official website, not the so-called "gift".

In early October, IDC data suggests that the Profit margin of Apple Accessories is much higher than iPhone and iPad, and the accessories will be the next important profit source in Apple Business Closure.

In fact, 60 yuan a card pin is purely netizen.Yy, Apple's official website does not have this product, through this "ivory", give you a fun science, you can give the apple with rhythm ~