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Made in France, the world's first "flying train" will challenge China's high-speed

YH 2019-11-30 23:09:20

Technology is actually fun! Hello everyone, welcome to this issue of Muyi Machinery

Built in France, the world's first "flying train" will run at a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour and will challenge China's high-speed rail

With the continuous improvement of the global transportation network, people also use a variety of transportation modes. Trains and airplanes are the most commonly used when traveling, but both types of transportation have some advantages compared to each other. Small disadvantages, for example, although the train has a large carrying capacity, it is slower than an airplane, and although the airplane is fast, its price and carrying capacity are completely incomparable with the train. Is there no way to gather two people? Are all the advantages of transportation?

Not to mention, it really does. In France, a technician from a technology company called "Akka" said that they launched a "Link fly" train that can fly in the air. This vehicle brings together all the advantages of the plane and the train. Not only is the carrying capacity relatively large, but it is also very fast. It has detachable wings, which can take off at the airport or travel on the railway. Because there are different components, the choice of route is also different.

This "Link fly" is 33.8 meters long, 8.2 meters high, and has a wingspan of 48.8 meters. The maximum flight speed can reach 1000 kilometers per hour, the maximum flight altitude is as high as 12131 meters, and the cruise speed. At 965 kilometers per hour, the aircraft can carry 160 passengers at a time, with a maximum load capacity of 80,000 kilograms, and the "Link fly" also has a modular process with a pod and a set of detachable wings. The pod is underneath and the engine is at the top. Because of the alignment technology, everything on the plane can be reinstalled after disassembly.

And the assembly of this vehicle is also very interesting. The staff will first transport the cabin under the wing of the aircraft, and then connect the cabin and the wing through the connecting device. In this way, the dream of flying in a train car will be Reached. In addition to being used to carry customers, "Link fly" can also be used to transport goods and even reach its destination without driving.

The main purpose of "Akka" company to invent this vehicle is to alleviate the pressure of today's increasingly crowded traffic arteries and increase the attractiveness of air travel. With this vehicle, people no longer have to I set off from my home to a suburban airport, and this vehicle is truly more efficient, less polluting, and faster. Carrying more passengers, although it has not yet been invented, who can guarantee that it will not appear in front of our eyes in the future?

Well, I will introduce it to you today. Welcome everyone to open their minds and ideas, write to the message area and communicate with me, I can see it! This is Muyi Machinery. See you next time!