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Intel releases ten-year chip roadmap: achieve 1.4-nanometer chips by 2029

  • Author:DH
  • Release on :2019-12-12

PingWest products play on December 11. According to anandtech news, Intel released the manufacturing process expansion roadmap for the next ten years at the IEEE International Electronic Equipment Conference (IEDM), which will achieve 1.4 nanometer chips in 2029.

From the 10nm process in 2019, to 7nm EUV (extreme ultraviolet lithography) in 2021, 5nm in 2023, 3nm in 2025, 2nm in 2027, and finally 1.4nm in 2029. 1.4 nanometers is equivalent to 12 silicon atoms. Between the two generations of process nodes, + and ++ process iteration versions will be introduced. Since it is currently in the 10+ version stage, 10 ++ and 10 +++ versions will appear directly in 2020 and 2021.

Intel mentioned "back porting" in its ten-year roadmap. Backport is a process node capability considered during chip design, that is, any first-generation 7nm design can be backported to the 10 ++ version, and any first-generation 5nm design can be backported to the 7 ++ version , Then 3nm backport to 5 ++, 2nm backport to 3 ++, and so on.