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China Mobile Terminal Lab: Three major difficulties have been overcome, and non-porous phones are no

DH 2019-12-11 10:05:33

On December 10, China Mobile Terminal Labs claimed that on the technical level, non-porous phones have overcome the three major difficulties of buttons, sound holes, and card slots, and only the charging distance problem has not been solved.

In response to the non-porous design of mobile phones, China Mobile Terminal Lab responded from a technical perspective that in terms of keys: non-porous phones use virtual keys instead of physical keys (such as volume buttons and switch buttons); in terms of sound holes: noise reduction holes, handsets, Speakers use technologies such as bone conduction and screen sounds to implement non-hole calls and other functions. At the same time, Bluetooth headsets are used instead of headphone jacks. In terms of card slots: virtual cards such as eSIM cards (Embedded-SIM) can replace physical cards, and Internet telephony has become an alternative entity. Card one of the ways.

At present, both the Meizu Zero concept machine and the vivo APEX 2019 concept machine adopt a non-porous design. What are the benefits of using a non-porous design for mobile phones? First, non-porous phones can easily achieve the highest level of IP68 water resistance, which is better than ordinary mobile phones. Second, non-porous phones use almost full screens, and the front screen accounts for a very high proportion. Finally, non-porous phones introduce many frontiers. Technology (such as bone conduction technology and screen sound technology, etc.), the mobile phone brings users a good sense of technological experience.

However, holeless mobile phones also have their disadvantages. For example, wireless charging equipment is not complete, and holeless charging is inconvenient, and only some cities have opened eSIM cards. Many cities cannot use holeless mobile phones. From the current point of view, the non-porous mobile phone is in the concept stage, its practicality is unknown, but I believe that the future of non-porous mobile phones is not far from us