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Realme's First True Wireless Bluetooth Headset: Bluetooth 5.0+ Wireless Charging, Cheap AirPods

  • Author:DH
  • Release on :2019-12-16

News on December 15th, Realme recently released a preview of Realme Buds Air true wireless Bluetooth headset on its official website. It will be officially released in India on December 17. According to previously leaked news, Realme Buds Air may be priced at Rs 4,999, or about RMB 493.

Realme Buds Air is Realme's first true wireless Bluetooth headset. According to currently known information, it has electronic noise reduction technology that can effectively reduce environmental noise. The earbuds are equipped with dual microphones and a 12mm bass boost driver. In addition, there are functions such as wear detection and touch control to improve user experience. Realme Buds Air will use Bluetooth 5.0, support Google Assistant and wireless charging, with a battery life of 17 hours, which can well meet the needs of people listening to music and answering calls on a daily basis.

In appearance, Realme Buds Air has three colors: black, white, and yellow. The shape is not much different from Apple's AirPods. Therefore, many people call it a cheap alternative to AirPods. In terms of use, Realme Buds Air You only need to open the charging compartment cover to pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth. More news about Buds Air needs to be officially released, so stay tuned!

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