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Hardware encyclopedia: How to solve the display flower screen flap?

Yh 2021-06-28 09:55:38

Show faults Don't panic, first look at the interface.

Again the graphics card oxidation, the miscellaneous power supply is replaced.

driveUpdate is not small, refresh frequency can be replaced.

The above methods have been tried, and the display is considered.

The screen is all black, and local fault drive is damaged.

Detaching and repairing the maintenance, contact the factory after sale.

With the increase of computer penetration, more and more young people have been able to choose a display product that is suitable for you. But buying the display increases over time, there may be some display problems such as a flower screen, flashes, and line screens. In fact, it is not necessarily that the display is not necessarily the display of the display, or it may be a problem with other hardware or related settings. The author today will share the ideas and methods of solving display problems.

For display faults, we can use a division, and all breaking methods are excluded.Display problem, host problem, and connection problem between devicesLet's crack one by one below.

01 Host problem and device connection problem

As the saying goes, it is difficult to start, and the problem is also true. So, let's get a simple matter. In these three issues, it is best to investigate it. So let's take a look at the main unit, there is no loose wire of the wires of each device, and the power supply is not connected.

At the same time, in order to avoid the problem of transmitting the wire itself, there is a conditional friend to try a connection. It should be noted that this probability is not very large. If there is no spare wire around, you can skip and conduct a review of the next phase.


After determining that there is no problem with the wire connection, we start to troubleshoot the problem. Here we also need to disassemble the host problem as the hostHardware problem andsoftwareproblem. On the hardware, follow the top of the top to do simple things, check whether the memory bar on the motherboard is loose. Conditional friends can also find blocks, rubbing gold fingers.


In addition to the loose connection, it is necessary to consider whether a miscellaneous power supply is used. This inferior power supply is stable, and when the system is busy, the display may have computer screen jitter. If it is because of this, it must be replaced.


In addition to hardware, the flash screen is often uncommon due to hardware driving or setup problems. We can consider choosing a relatively stableGraphics driverVersion, do not choose a streamlined system for third-party channels. Whether it is from a security perspective or a compatibility, installing Microsoft's official full version of the system is the best choice.


The refresh rate setting of the screen will not cause the screen flash screen. If the hardware driver is not a problem, we can also click Right-click in the system's desktop and find the refresh rate column. By adjusting the refresh rate, it is possible to solve the problem of screen jitter, flicker.

02 Interior of the display

After the above questions are found, look at the monitor itself.

First let's take a look at what is in the monitor, understand the internal structure of the product helps us better solve the fault. The interior of the general display consists of two IC boards, which are power boards and drivers.

We know that the graphics card is responsible for rendering the image, and the display is responsible for displaying the image rendered image. However, the image rendered by the graphics card cannot be displayed directly, and the driver board in the display is required to translate. Specifically, the virtual signal transmitted over the graphics card is again encoded. According to the encoded content, different voltages are applied to the liquid crystal molecules in the display panel, thereby changing the arrangement direction of the liquid crystal molecules, thereby implementing a transition from the electrical signal to the optical signal.


If you have to work, you have to graze. The drive board is to translate the contents of the graphics signal, and the liquid crystal panel should change the direction of the liquid crystal molecules, which require electrical providing energy, which is the function of the power board. On the one hand, the power board provides a low-voltage power supply for the drive plate for normal operation. On the other hand, the power board also needs to provide high pressure to the LED light, and the liquid crystal molecule changes the arrangement.

03 Analysis of common faults of displays

After understanding the internal constructs of the monitor, we can analyze the cause of the fault according to some faults. The author will take place from the function of the power board and driver board to see what is part of the fault that is often encountered.

As mentioned earlier, the power board is an LED light, and the drive plate is supplied. Therefore, the power board is problematic, the main manifestation isScreenIt can be subdivided into the following three situations:

If the power is turned on, the indicator of the display is not lit. In the case where it is not a problem with the power cord and the interface connection, it may be the failure of the power board.

If the power is turned on, the display indicator is on, but the screen is black. That may be damaged, in addition to the power board, there is an LED tube.

If the power is turned on, the display indicator is on, and the screen is on a few seconds and black. At this time, it is also a power board or the LED tube.

The drive plate is mainly responsible for translation of the graphics card, and controls the liquid crystal panel display content. Therefore, it is very likely when it goes out.Is the screen of the screen,That is, a flower screen, a shake screen, white screen, stripes, etc.


What should I do if I have some problems? Two ways, one is to contact the manufacturer to repair, the other is the online shopping correspondence component, and replace it. It is recommended that you contact the manufacturer's repair is better. After all, for most people, it is risky. In addition to the risk of the property, this risks have their own security risks. After all, the power board provides high voltage supplied by the LED light.