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Blindly buy WiFi 6? In fact, you may not use it.

Yh 2021-06-28 09:52:09

WiFi 6 began to spread this year, most of the router products on the market began to use WiFi 6 protocols, WiFi 6 theoretical peak rates can reach 9.6Gbps, while WiFi 5 up to 3.5 is GBPS, in terms of speed, WiFi 6 does performance Excellent, so many merchants have begun to promote WiFi 6 products, and many friends also buy WiiF 6 routers to use the network speed of WIF 6.

盲目买WIFI 6?其实你可能都用不了

However, it should be noted that the router is just the terminal, we have to use WiFi 6, but also need a device that supports this protocol, including but not limited to mobile phones, notebooks, desktop, etc. This is also a lot of not very cute new users who ignore or don't know, don't think that you can use WiFi 6 network speed as long as you purchase WiFi 6 routers.

WiFi 6 router

Because WiFi features are backward compatible, WiFi 5's device is still in the speed of WiFi 5 protocol, and therefore, if you want to use WiFi 6 must support WiFi 6 protocol .

Home Computer wants to see if WiFi 6 is simple, check the parameters of the NIC, we click on the attribute of the WiFi network, you can see the WiFi network card information.

WiFi network card

AX 200 is currently mainstream WiFi 6 protocol wireless network card, many high-end motherboards are brought, if the computer does not have a WiFi wireless network card or the old network card wants to upgrade to WiFi 6 does not need to upgrade the motherboard, go directly to buy a separate WiFi 6 Wireless network card is going.

盲目买WIFI 6?其实你可能都用不了
WiFi 6 wireless network card

Wireless network card is generally divided into drive and inevitable drive, freely driven to a USB jack, can be used in plugging, it is not available to use the PCIe slot, the current WiFi 6 technology is not mature, there is no USB driver version, only PCIe form WiFi 6 wireless network card, please pay attention when everyone is purchased.