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Which mouse wireless charging technology is strong? Count those wireless charging technology

Yh 2021-06-28 10:09:14

Currently,mouseThe wireless and lightweight trend have emerged. Some of the problems brought about also urgently needed. One of them iswireless mouseCharging problem. Now, the wireless mouse charging is also divided into four small categories: 1 Comparative QI wireless charging 2 Logitech's first PowerPlay wireless charging technology 3razer started Hyperflux wireless power supply technology 4 charging base. Let us take a look at their advantages and disadvantages.

01 PowerPlay wireless charging technology


In 2017, Logitech launched a representative HERO engine and PowerPlay wireless charging technology. It is pioneered that the wireless charging function is integrated in the mouse mobile scene, that is, we can charge on the PowerPlay mouse pad whether we slide the mouse. PowerPlay can achieve a magical performance that is constantly electricity, unlimited endurance for the player.


Logitech PowerPlay wireless charging base is the most technical part of the second generation of wireless charging technology - magnetic resonance, its charging circuit board thickness is very thin, although appearance seems to be odd, but the world can achieve this technology company Available, not only such a PowerPlay's charging circuit board also uses a soft and easy-to-use flexible printed circuit board (FPCB), and the entire charging board only accounts for part of the base, and it is also convenient to control cost and production, which satisfies a wide range of uses.


PowerPlay uses the second generation of wireless charging technology - magnetic resonance, pirate ship launched concept productsPROJECT Zeus uses the first generation of wireless charging techniques - electromagnetic induction, the principle of electromagnetic induction is to place the conductor in the change magnetic flux, which generates an electric potential, which is called induction electromotive or induction electric motion. If this conductor is closed into one The circuit will drive the electromotive to form an induction current. The principle of magnetic resonance is to use resonant devices (inductance and capacitance) to reach a specific frequency to generate magnetic field resonance, thereby transmit energy. Compared with electromagnetic induction techniques, the advantages of magnetic resonance is that the transmission efficiency is high, and the charging distance and the charging area are larger, but the high-frequency resonance of 6.78 MHz is required. In this system, the coil on the FPCB board is the coil of the transmitted end, and the receiving end is designed in the PowerCore module, and it is really quite advanced and easy to use.

02 Razer Hyperflux wireless power supply technology


Razer Hyperflux wireless power supply technology is built into the mouse pad + mouse pad suit. In 2018, the Razer launched the Mamba Hyperflux Magabaya Snake Ultrabook and the Razer Firefly Hyperflux Flame Sworm Ultrabic version of the wireless power supply, which equipped with innovative Razer Hyperflux wireless power supply technology. The Rayt Snake Mamba Hyperflux Mamba Censous Snake Ultrabic Edition is equipped with a supercapacitor, with an electromagnetic induction of the mouse pad to achieve a continuous power supply, and can use the mouse to operate at any time. But the wireless power supply range of the Manba Premier version cannot be covered to the entire mouse pad, so avoid using it on the edge when used. Its power supply is approximately 2 cm, and the maximum length of the mouse pad can work half a minute (related to the internal capacitor storage capacity of the mouse). If the player who is often raised, it will not encounter sudden power-off. Therefore, the Razer Hyperflux wireless power supply technology requires a high degree of mouse pad. If you leave the mouse pad, you must use the mouse to be inserted.

03 Qi wireless charging


QI wireless charging is our most familiar charging technology. As the highest universal wireless charging technology, we can buy a Qi wireless charging board for tens of dollars, as long as a QI wireless charging coil is added to the mouse. The high penetration of this technique is representative. He can use the same charging board with a mobile phone that supports Qi wireless charging, without additional purchase of wireless charging tools, but at the same time, the mouse cannot be moved during charging. It cannot be accompanied by the above two techniques. More representative is the VT950Q of Leibai, as well as the Dark Core RGB SE wireless game mouse of the pirate ship. If you have a need for a while, you still have to use the plunger.

04 Charging base


The charging base is a wired charging magic reform version. The contacts on the base are in contact with the mouse contact, so that there is no need to charge the line on the mouse, and the charging is not moving, but the appearance of the charging base can be freely played.There are many products on the market.

From this point of view, the manufacturer is also a ranting brain in order to solve the battery life of the wireless mouse. It is like the radio charging technology of the Razer and Logitech G, or bundled special mouse pads or requires a special base.In contrast, although Qi charging is very easy to find its charging board, it is not possible to move when charging, it can be said that it should be the final form of mouse wireless charging.At present, many wireless mice are also charged directly using wired fast charge, but no matter how, new technology can promote the progress of the industry, and it is also hoped that the brands can be able to bring more solutions to us.