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Lock your throat! China's large silicon wafer industry chain is subject to Japan and the United

DH 2020-04-03 09:26:01

For the reasons of the United States, the development of the Chinese semiconductor industry has gradually improved in the past two years. However, it was at this time that the newly revised "Wassenaar Agreement" led by Japan and the United States at the end of last year made new adjustments and increased and 12-inch silicon wafer manufacturing technology export management related content, the 14nm process large silicon wafer production technology.

According to industry sources, there was no silicon wafer in the agreement before. Now the reason for the adjustment of the agreement is that overseas manufacturers cannot prevent the development of 14nm chips in China, so they will focus on the upstream 14nm process silicon wafer production technology. Go, and for the West behind the Wanason Agreement, if the development of Chinese chips is not stopped in time now, the future development of Chinese chips will be unstoppable, and big problems will occur.

Last year, SMIC achieved mass production of 14nm chips. Hualiwei will also achieve mass production of 14nm FinFETs by the end of this year. Yangtze Storage has also purchased lithography machines capable of producing 14nm 3D NAND flash memory. The 12-inch large silicon wafer projects of various companies have also been achieved. After a certain breakthrough, domestic silicon wafer self-sufficiency is about to be achieved, and the 14nm node large silicon wafer can be applied to GPU, mobile phone SoC, CPU and other products. It also has broad development space in the fields of automobiles, Internet of Things, 5G and consumer electronics. , Can promote the further rise of China's semiconductor industry.

It is for this reason that the Western representatives behind the Wanason Agreement will feel uneasy. At this critical moment, it is unacceptable to hit the Chinese semiconductor industry. It was not easy for domestic semiconductor companies to build a prototype of a complete industrial chain on the 14nm process node, but now the efforts seem to have been in vain.

To be honest, the development of semiconductor wafer technology in China is similar to that of lithography machines, and there is a big gap with the international level. It is reported that more than 99% of domestic 12-inch large wafers are imported. It can be said that from production technology to raw materials When it comes to equipment, foreign companies are almost always in control. It is very difficult for domestic companies to break through. Today, the Wassenaar Agreement has suddenly made adjustments, which also shows that Chinese companies are imminent to realize the localization of 12-inch large silicon wafers. Industry insiders also urged that chip manufacturers should not only look at the immediate interests, but to look at long-term interests, have a sense of crisis, and cooperate well. Silicon wafer manufacturers to promote the rapid development of localized silicon wafers.

All in all, the development of large silicon wafer technology in China now faces great challenges. After all, the key materials and equipment required by the silicon wafer industry in China cannot achieve independent production, and cannot grasp the initiative and the right to speak, but no matter how difficult, domestic Enterprises need to strengthen their own technology research and development, strive to achieve domestic substitution as soon as possible, and control the production and research initiative of large silicon wafer technology in their own hands. I don't know what do you think about this matter?