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China's 5G network is speeding up, Qualcomm's hard times are coming, and Qualcomm CEO's

DH 2020-06-16 15:06:25
Does Qualcomm dare to dominate?

As we all know, Qualcomm in the United States is a very domineering company. Qualcomm has benefited from its strength in the communications field. In recent years, "Qualcomm Tax" has made many companies miserable!

Even Huawei has been threatened by Qualcomm in the 3G and 4G era. But now it is different. With the opening of the 5G era, although Qualcomm has a certain position, it is obviously not as arrogant as before!

Qualcomm CEO praises China's 5G?

Qualcomm CEO Steve Molenkov gave a speech at the China Development High-level Forum (look back at the live broadcast). Steve said that the Chinese government's priority to develop digital infrastructure, especially 5G, will help promote economic recovery while the country gradually returns to normal.

Steve emphasized that not only smart phones, but every important industry will be affected. From healthcare to automobiles and logistics, we will see the new business model, format and economy that 5G has spawned, which will bring new opportunities and Become the key to global economic recovery.

Qualcomm finally admitted?

Speaking of cooperation with Chinese companies, Steve said that Qualcomm has been cooperating with the Chinese ecosystem for more than 25 years. It has been integrated with the Chinese industry as early as possible. Qualcomm has about 5,000 employees in China, covering business departments, R&D and innovation. Center and manufacturing base.

In fact, the former Qualcomm CEO was amazed. He lamented that China’s 5G deployment is very amazing. The previous new technology waves were led by countries such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea. China will be 5 years or even 10 years later, but 5G this year. Just keep up. Qualcomm CEO also said that he hopes to strengthen cooperation with Huawei!

What do you actually say? The current technological war between China and the United States continues, and Qualcomm's life is actually not easy. Everyone has seen that the domestic Xiaomi OV started to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm chips this year and turned to support MediaTek. And Qualcomm has to face strong Huawei in the 5G field, which has to make Qualcomm change its previous arrogant attitude! Because Qualcomm also understands that China is the world's largest 5G network country, they also want to get a slice of the Chinese 5G market!