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Huawei Mate40 will be officially released in September, graphene cooling + super four shots, the pri

DH 2020-06-12 15:28:41

With the continuous increase of capital investment and accumulation of innovative technologies, Huawei's mobile phones are now on a high-speed development path, not only firmly grasping the right to speak in the field of low-end mobile phones in China, but also striking high-end also achieved impressive results, like us Fully demonstrate its brand charm as a domestic leader. However, the current market competition is very fierce. With the rise of Xiaomi and OPPO, the outside world also very much hopes that Yu Chengdong can come up with a more convincing product. For example, this time Huawei Mate40 will be released in September, graphene cooling + super four Photographed, Kirin 1020 became the biggest suspense, the price is also touching!

People who understand the Huawei Mate series should know that it is mainly aimed at young people pursuing the ultimate experience, so the comprehensive quality should not be bad, as is the Mate40. In fact, there have been a lot of rumors about Huawei Mate40 since last year, and the main parameters can also be basically confirmed. According to the convention, it debuts in autumn every year. With the passage of time, this mysterious flagship is surfaced step by step, it should be soon is coming.

In the face value part, Huawei Mate40 adopts the horizontal stripe AG process frosted glass back shell, which can minimize the contamination of finger prints, with the close fitting of the aluminum middle frame, to achieve the IP53 level of life waterproof, six colors can be selected to meet the needs of different people Aesthetic needs. In addition, Huawei Mate40 finally canceled the bangs design and upgraded to double digging. The screen still uses the "circular screen". Thanks to the more advanced COF packaging process, the black border of the chin and forehead is controlled better. Cancel The physical buttons on both sides are adjusted with gestures to bring more shocking visual effects, and the appearance design is significantly improved compared to the previous generation.

In terms of performance, currently TSMC promises to give priority to Huawei chips. It is still very likely that the Mate40 will use the 7-nanometer process technology Kirin 1020 processor. This soc based on the A77 architecture cooperates with the EMUI11 system to form a stronger synergy. It should be problematic to deal with most daily applications, and the frame rate stability of mainstream games does not need to be worried. It supports Santong 5G network, 4500 mAh battery, 40W super fast charging, wireless and reverse charging, and graphene. Elements such as heat dissipation technology are highlights that we should not ignore.

Of course, taking pictures is a must for the military. Using 64 million main cameras arranged in RYYB, the aperture is f/1.7, and supplemented by 20 million super wide-angle + 12 million images + 8 million telephoto lenses, they can be obtained under the drive of the fourth-generation Da Vinci independent NPU neurons Faster film formation speed, but also supports four-axis optical image stabilization, 4K video recording, 5x optical and 50x digital hybrid zoom is also appropriate.

It is not difficult to find that the current market competition is too fierce, and Yu Chengdong has also obviously accelerated the speed of product upgrades. While continuing to take advantage of his own photography and battery life, he continues to deepen performance. It is undoubtedly a "bucket machine". As for the price that everyone cares about, mainstream media believes that the 6G+128G Huawei Mate40 should start at 4999 yuan, so if it is true, will you support Huawei?