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Don't ask for an iPhone repair? Apple opens its own repairs and provides users with original

LS 2022-05-14 15:26:51

What if your iPhone phone is broken? Most users will go to Apple or Apple's maintenance stores during the warranty period. If you want to save maintenance costs outside the warranty period, it is estimated that many people will go to third -party retail stores. But the problem of a third party is zero matching.
The pieces may not be original, and some difficult problems may not be able to get it. Therefore, Apple has launched an independent maintenance dealer plan for independent third -party maintenance stores before, so that these independent maintenance vendors can also obtain the same original zero -matching and authorized maintenance stores.

But now Apple has given another choice of consumers with maintenance needs: consumers can repair their own mobile phones. Apple recently announced that it would launch a self -service maintenance, providing customers who are willing to repair the equipment to provide the original parts and tools that they can use. This plan is currently
The original spare parts provided start with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, followed by MAC computers of the M1 chip. It is expected that Apple will launch self -service maintenance in the United States as soon as next year, and will expand to more countries and regions in 2022.
Through this plan, ordinary users can obtain the original spare parts, repair tools, and maintenance instructions provided by Apple, like Apple authorized maintenance stores and third -party independent repair shops. Obviously whether it is the previous independent maintenance dealer plan, or the current independent maintenance
In fact, the meaning of Apple is obvious. One is to reduce the cost of user maintenance, including time cost, and on the other hand, you can sell more parts, which is also a source of income.

Apple operator said that expanding the provision of Apple's original parts can allow customers to have more choices when repairing. In the past three years, the number of Apple repair bases has doubled. Apple mentioned to those who want to repair it by themselves.
For new options.Of course, in order to ensure the safety of maintenance during maintenance, Apple asked customers to check the maintenance instructions first, and then can order the original parts and tools of Apple through the Apple self -service maintenance, and the customers who return the old parts after the maintenance can also get the purchase discount. The quota. New self -service
Maintenance line stores will provide more than 200 independent parts and tools for customers to complete common maintenance items by themselves. In addition, users will not need to spend additional maintenance payments except the original accessories and tools.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that not everyone is suitable for this DIY maintenance method. The Apple self -service maintenance plan is actually only suitable for personal technical personnel with knowledge and experience of repairing electronic equipment. Ordinary users are actually dismantling mobile phones. It's hard to do, even if there are apples
Tools and instructions. Therefore, for most customers, Apple still recommends it to professional maintenance suppliers. After all, it is a more secure way to repair technicians through Apple's original parts certification.
The last thing to say is that even if everyone wants to buy Apple's parts to study, it is restricted. First of all, memory particles and flash memory particles must not be available, and some chips cannot be bought, such as A14, A15 chip, and so on. Apple will take the lead in providing screens and electricity Ponds, camerars and other spare parts. Therefore, some important parts in the mobile phone have problems. It is no way for users to repair themselves. However, changing the screen and battery can try to do it by themselves.

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