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Mobile phone repair tips

LS 2022-05-17 15:47:39

The mobile phone and we are together with us. The mobile phone accidentally breaks. When the warranty period is out, it costs a lot of money, and sometimes you can buy another mobile phone! The following is a tips for mobile maintenance compiled by Xiaobian for everyone, welcome to refer!

Mobile phone crash

For smartphones with disassembly batteries, the battery can be removed and then installed forced to restart; for some unpacking mobile phones for some batteries, you can press and press the start button for more than 10 seconds. The phone will automatically restart. For example, Apple mobile phones need to press HOME key+power button to restart, while most of the Sony mobile phones need to press the volume+and the power button for compulsory shutdown.

Touch screen is not spiritual

First tear the protective film to see if it can be solved. If not, press the boot key twice to release the static electricity, try whether to control it. If you don't, you need to unplug the charger, remove the battery, and restart again. If the battery cannot be disassembled, it can be forced to shut down and restart in accordance with the "failure one" method.

Continue to restart mobile phones

First of all, you need to check whether the battery is stable. For some non -original batteries, there may be incomplete size and specifications. You can fill a small piece of toilet paper to assist the fixed battery. If it is restarted because the mobile phone installation software or virus is restarted, you can first uninstall the unsatisfactory software or restore the factory settings. If there is still such a situation, it is recommended to re -flash the machine.

The mobile phone is seriously heating

1. Do not install inferior mobile phone protective cases to avoid affecting mobile phone heat dissipation;

2. Do not use your mobile phone in a direct sun environment or for a long time charging. Pay special attention not to play games during charging.

3. Unnecessary procedures that run in the background at any time.

Mobile phone standby time is too short

For old mobile phones, we should first think that it is because the battery is aging, and the problem can be solved by replacing the mobile phone battery. For new mobile phones, the following points need to be achieved:

1. Turn off Bluetooth.

2. Close automatic synchronization.

3. Turn off WiFi, key sound and touch feedback, vibration, while streamlined desktop software.

4. Reduce the screen brightness. A large amount of power saving can be used to reduce the brightness appropriately.

5. Turn off the GPS and open it when you use it.

6. Reduce the number of switches.

7. Don't talk in a place with weak signals.

8. Flexible use of the flight mode, you will find that the mobile phone will be amazing power saving.

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