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Is the 1%power of the phone really out of power? Come and take a look

LS 2022-05-13 16:53:34

Ask everyone a question first

When you find that only the last 1 % of the phone is left

What do you want to do as soon as possible


Everyone must be looking for a charger

But do you find out

The last 1 % power of the phone

Sometimes it can be "long standby"

It even makes people feel more durable than 10 % electricity

So what's going on

Mobile phone power is really elusive

In fact, this may be related to temperature and battery characteristics

Come and talk today

The secret of the 1 % power of the mobile phone

1% is not equal to 1%


1 % is not the real 1 % electricity left

Because most mobile phones are designing

Will reserve a part of the buffer electricity

Tell you to charge


The remaining power of mobile phone batteries is actually difficult to estimate

Even the mobile phone doesn’t know

Specific remaining electricity

And this is also related to the characteristics of lithium -ion batteries

Environment has a great impact on lithium ion batteries

Now the smartphone on the market

Basically, they are lithium ion batteries

And because the chemical characteristics of lithium elements are very lively

Make lithium ion batteries very vulnerable to environmental impact

Under low temperature environment

30 % power in the first second

It may be shut down automatically in the next second

This is everyone's feeling

The reason for the fast consumption of mobile phone power in winter

In a certain temperature environment

1 % of the electricity is even better than at a low temperature state

30 % of the power can still be played

Special Note

1. What is really vigilant for mobile phones is high temperature! The higher the temperature, the faster the capacity of the lithium -ion battery, and the loss is irreversible. In other words, the battery capacity will be permanently smaller!

2. There is still a self -discharge of lithium -ion batteries. If the phone is not turned on or the battery has not been used, it will reduce the power at a degree of about 10 % to 15 % per month.

Battery management system

The battery management system is through a chip

To monitor the battery voltage

In order to calculate the remaining power of the battery

This chip is called the power meter

In terms of principle, the greater the power that is released

The faster the voltage drops

But just pass the voltage

Can't accurately see battery power

For example, the voltage drops quickly when playing games

Watching novel voltage decreases slowly

But in reality, mobile phone operations frequently

The management system is difficult to achieve data consistent

There may be a calculation error of electricity


1 % of the power is not terrible

The terrible thing is that the battery capacity of the mobile phone will become smaller and smaller

Finally remind you again

Charging in time, charging in time, charging in time


If your phone consumes power, it is very fast

That shows that the battery capacity is no longer optimistic

Recently, major mobile phone manufacturers have launched batteries for new changes

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