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iPhone 12 Pro Max Series Circuit Box Figure Second Bomb

  • Author:Mandy
  • Source:Best
  • Release on:2021-07-19

last termBaxt's first iPhone12 Pro Max series block diagram (click)After receiving the attention and praise from the majority of maintenance masters, this issue we continue to launch the iPhone12 series circuit block diagram.

The so-called "picture in the hand, the repair machine is worry-free", I hope that the dry goods maintenance reference materials we will send can followBest toolLike, give a first-line maintenance master to help and improve efficiency.

Please remember pay attention [Best mobile phone repair tool], Next time we will launch iPhone12 Pro MAX display circuit / touch circuit / boot high current failure 30 power supply measurement point circuit diagrams, please pay attention "Beesti special technical stickers".

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Click the picture to view the big picture save