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A.O. Smith China President Qiu Yushi talks about AI-LINK: use professional integration to create a n

Mandy Extreme website 2021-07-16 09:29:10

On July 8th, in the background of the "mobile phone-centered" smart home gradually occupied the market, AO Smith Group 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) showed a "people-centered" smart home solution AI- LINK Positidiary full-controlled intelligent system.

AI-LINK breaks the "island effect" between home appliances, through professional integration, energy mixing, greatly saving energy, build a new ideal space in the room.

"I don't know if you have noticed this phenomenon, in the winter, especially in the south of the Yangtze River, central air conditioning is difficult to provide hot air in the room. That's right, when the outdoor temperature is below zero, the air source heat pump is very It is difficult to grab heat from the outside. It is for refrigeration. To ensure the comfort of the room, you have to open high power, even on electricity-related, but this will cause huge power consumption, the second is not good. Now , The wall-mounted furnace, the gas water heater is also popular, and you can quickly provide heat in the room.

So, we have recently explored a new direction: combining these two home appliances, when doing a "hybrid source", then unify the AI-Link control.

There is a great imagination in this. For example, the idea of ​​the AI-LINK displayed on WAIC is to open home appliances, which is a link to the central air conditioner and gas wall. The water is open throughout the system, and the highest comfort and the highest energy saving are unified. This is the warm and warm water solution we have pushed, very popular. "US A.O. Senior Vice President of Smith Group and President of China Company officially proposed" AI-LINK solution in the 2021 WAIC ".

However, what is the difference between A.O. Smith AI-LINK and smart home? Qiu Bing believes that smart home does not solve the convenient needs, just move the physical switch to the phone.

"Most of the market is surrounded by mobile phones, with a lot of equipment to connect. Mobile phone to control electric water heaters, mobile phone to switch an air conditioner, now mobile phones are just a" universal remote control ". "Qiu Jun talks about the interview.

A.O. Smith wants to create such an intelligent link, which does not need to pass mobile phones and WiFi, so that there is no problem that the network is not easy to connect. In the demo, the user only needs to set a temperature on the app, and the device will automatically coordinate, with the most efficient, energy-saving dynamic power to constantly temperature.

It is understood that the AI-LINK uses power carrier technology to signal transmission on the existing power cord, so that there is no need to re-install the line, and the interrupt of the WiFi signal can also be avoided. From a technical point of view, a power carrier is connected, and the bottom layer of home appliance data is realized. A software simultaneously manages multiple devices, achieving seamless docking, which is very different from previous wireless links.

"Ai-Link is installed very purely, all devices are plugged in, the things behind the bottom is handed over to A.O. Smith, and the home does not need to do a lot of connectivity."

AO Smith has some successful cases, such as the interconnection of the equipment, connect air conditioners, heating, hot water, soft water, new wind, through the bottom of the equipment, produce a lot of different water: high temperature water, medium temperature water, Cold water, ice water, these water flows freely in their space. Then these water also created different winds, cool winds, warm winds. The hot water can be heated from the top of the room, or it can warm the ground. Its air conditioning wind is cool, warm, and can reach the various corners of the room. "Some of our single equipment cannot be implemented, but it can be done by the equipment. The wind and water flow in space, bringing us better home enjoyment."

"We hope that after connecting a few devices in the home, we can produce a chemical reaction, resulting in a synergy, truly realizing the people's experience, and the final consumer will be willing to pay such a value." Qiu Steps to add.

TechWeb learned from the AO Smith WAIC booth, Ai-Link has got the first custom user, according to some of the family feedback, "warm and warm water solution" can effectively reduce winter energy, one of them is one hundred flat The housing energy cost has dropped from 1,000 yuan per month to 600 yuan per month.

Of course, A.O. Smith is not accidental at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

"We have been thinking about how to be very stable, safe and reliable technology in the industrial sector, high efficiency in home scene. Homith through Ai-Link to customize the connection technology to customize, provide a smart home area A new pattern of reference. "Qiu Jun said.

According to Qiu Bing, AO Smith's current research and development practice is based on reliable labor intelligence technology, and AI plays a "steady progress" role in the integration design of "Full Control", on the basis of innovation, Guaranteed to be fully responsible for new and old equipment.

"AO Smith can be responsible for the entire system. This is our advantage. As the extension of the system, the digital platform is installed and instructs to make the agent, supervision. We divide the entire construction stage into several construction steps, according to each process The process takes a total of nearly 100 quality control points to train our construction personnel, while each quality control point is controlled by AI-Link online by AO Smith engineers, realizing quality assurance and process transparent visual. Drawings for the entire construction process, And all critical time nodes, quality control points, you can track, let users really feel relieved, rest assured, worry. "Qiu Jun was interviewed in interviews, explains the association of AI-Link relative to existing products." I believe, this Will provide a new direction to the industry. How can I use artificial intelligence and intellate technology to really apply to the family's specific environment. So we talk about smart control, in fact it is from a concept to land implementation AO Smith is mainly to do some meaningful work in this regard. "

As Qiu Bo said, the Chinese market has more inclusive, as a hundred-year precipitated home appliance brand, A.O. Smith is transforming by the equipment provider. Future market, A.O. Smith has the ability, and confidence has taken an exploration footage in the intelligent field, and continue to lead the development of smart home appliance industry.