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Xiaomi bracelet 4 experience: AMOLED color display big screen, small love classmates blessing

YH 2019-06-19 10:12:33

Every time before the release of the Xiaomi bracelet, it seems that there will be an IDC report on wearable data. In the 2019 wearable market of Q1, Apple and Xiaomi became the two poles. Interestingly, one of them is the iconic product of smart watches, and the other is a smart bracelet. The millet bracelet reached the top of the world with 5.3 million units of shipments, and grew by 43.6%, while Apple sold 4.6 million units.

As the earliest smart wearable product, Xiaomi bracelet has developed into a third-generation product in 2018. It has features such as convenient notification of social information, sports data monitoring, and health management, and has become the darling of the smart wear market. Whether the smart bracelet has become a simplified alternative to smart watches, we may be able to watch the leopard on the Xiaomi bracelet 4.

I still remember the scene of the 1st generation of Xiaomi bracelets still being held in school. On June 11, Xiaomi released the new bracelet of the Xiaomi bracelet 4, compared with the previous generation, in today's competitive smart wear market, this What are the new products that are worth looking forward to? Let's talk about the experience of the first release of this bracelet.

Appearance: In addition to the screen, everything is as old

Open the outer box, the first look of the millet bracelet 4 is like the millet bracelet 3. However, if you look closely, you will find that the new product has a lot of similar aspects to the previous generation. In terms of packaging, the Xiaomi bracelet continues the previous design style. The open package is equipped with a strap, a rice grain, a charger, and a manual.

Xiaomi bracelet 4 is still the core set in the wristband design, this time there are five kinds of wristbands, such as graphite black, thermal orange, deep blue, burgundy and lotus powder. Most of the previous bracelets, such as Sony. It is also this design. For sports-based products such as "hands", the replaceable rubber wristband seems to be the best solution at present. After all, the rubber itself may age and change color, and the user can often change frequently. The wristband of this bracelet is made of anti-allergic skin-friendly TPU material. The integrated structure is very comfortable to wear on the hand, and there is no discomfort.

The whole millet bracelet is still dominated by black color. The rice grain is more rounded than before. The biggest difference from the previous generation is that the screen is upgraded to full-color AMOLED high-brightness screen, the screen resolution is increased by 2 times, and the display word number is increased by nearly 2 times. .

Because of the use of AMOLED color screens, the front glass and curvature are much smaller than the 3rd generation. But also let Xiaomi bracelet finally entered the era of color screen. Although the screen is only 0.95 inches due to the volume limitation, the resolution is 240x120 pixels, and the pixel density is calculated to be around 280. The pixel can be seen, but it does not feel very grainy. The arc change is also reflected on the touch Home button, and on the Xiaomi Bracelet 3, the only touch button is grooved, but it is changed to a flat screen in the Xiaomi Bracelet 4.

At the same time, the addition of color screens also gives the screen more space to play, different colors display different information, and there are more screen wallpapers to choose from. Therefore, on the Xiaomi Bracelet 4, there are 77 styles of dials to choose from. There are both technical and stylish versions, which can fully meet the needs of different users.

On the back is the heart rate sensor and charging interface. This time, Xiaomi finally adjusted the charging interface of the Xiaomi bracelet, and the charger also changed the new style. The card body was stuck on the charging stand more stable, avoiding the previous models. When the bracelet is charged, it is often broken when it is touched.

At the same time, with the color screen is also a test for the battery, Xiaomi bracelet 4 this time equipped with 135mAh battery, so the battery life can still reach 15 days (NFC version, standard version battery life 20 days). In the actual experience, when the heart rate monitoring is not turned on, the power consumption is about 4% a day, and the battery life is very strong.

Little love classmates: cover a variety of scenes in life

The front structure of the Xiaomi Bracelet 4 is still the layout of the buttons on the upper screen. However, as the product finds that the button is from the original metal solid key to the three-generation groove touch, the screen is now larger and the touch is more sensitive. However, although the control method is still "touch screen + button below", the latter function is weaker than the black and white screen.

Xiaomi bracelet 4 built a small love classmate, so it is called "AI smart bracelet", but this function is not the same as the imagination. It inherits the operation logic of "Little Love Classmates". You can use the bracelet to open Alipay, start sports, set alarm clocks, measure heart rate, etc. You can also call out small love students to check weather, messages, find mobile phones, play music, etc. And music needs to be connected to the phone.

Because there is no speaker, it is not the experience of the speaker; although there is a microphone, but can not directly wake up to the bracelet, but slide the screen to the left of the dial interface, small love appears, speak to it, the corresponding text is given on the screen answer.

The biggest meaning of Xiao Ai students is the support of the linkage of IoT equipment. Whether it is turning off the lights or sweeping the floor, the little love students on the bracelet can help you silently. Especially when you are not convenient to use your phone, the bracelet is the most convenient product for you.

But the little love classmates on the bracelet also have a lot of shortcomings, such as wake-up needs to slide, which makes it impossible for you to wake up the little love classmates with one hand, which is always inconvenient. Another point is that Xiao Ai's wake-up speed is not stable. If you wake up Xiao Ai for the first time after a long interval, it will take 2-3 seconds to wake up, and wake up again will be very fast.

Supporting Xiao Ai's classmates is a significant change to the Xiaomi bracelet, which means that the bracelet is not only the executor of the order, but also the issuer of the order. At the same time, it also supplements the use environment of small love speakers and mobile phones, so that people who do not have small love speakers, or who do not use Xiaomi mobile phones have a new entrance.

Features: more professional sports mode, more accurate heart rate monitoring

In terms of core functions, Xiaomi Bracelet 4 mainly provides three functions of reminder, credit card and sports health. To use these functions, we need to connect the Xiaomi sports app first.

Reminders can be divided into basic calls, text messages, event reminders, and notification reminders for third-party apps that use more frequent frequencies. Through these functions, users can first filter by hand ring when new information arrives, then choose whether to reply or proceed to the next step.

For personal use, I will open the call reminder and app notification reminder.

Call reminder naturally I don't miss important calls in order to mute the habit. The setting of the app notification is more complicated. You can customize the third-party app that you want to push to the bracelet. It is a common choice to push the main social application notification. I will choose social applications such as Weibo and WeChat. In this way, you can judge whether there is important information on the bracelet, and reduce the frequency of taking out the mobile phone on the road.

Sports health is the main function of bracelet products since its inception. The basic step and calorie consumption is naturally a matter of course. Advanced sports monitoring also supports six sports modes: swimming, outdoor running, indoor running, walking, exercising and riding. Waterproof support of 5ATM (50m) is still available. However, thanks to the upgrade of the original three-axis sensor into a six-axis sensor, the accuracy has been greatly improved, so the motion monitoring of the Xiaomi Bracelet 4 has not only become more accurate, but also supports more such as stroke recognition. Features.

There is no change in the sleep monitoring of the Xiaomi bracelet. It still recognizes the light sleep and deep sleep time, and has a detailed chart display record in the Xiaomi exercise app.

Of course, Xiaomi Bracelet 4 also continues the well-received heart rate warning function on Xiaomi Bracelet 3, which improves heart rate detection performance through an upgraded heart rate sensor. When the heart rate is too high, the bracelet will automatically vibrate to remind the user to pay attention, and provide more intimate protection for busy urbanites and elderly people living alone. And in terms of function, Xiaomi Bracelet 4 still supports sedentary reminders, which is quite practical for white-collar workers or students.

Mobile payment: it is a bus card, an access card, and it is also an Alipay

Since the Xiaomi bracelet 4 also has the NFC version, some functions like brush bus and access card can be replaced by hand ring, especially brush bus should be a function just needed. I usually use a mobile phone brush, and the bracelet can also be a perfect replacement. In addition, it can also be used in conjunction with the Mijia smart door lock to open the door.

After the resolution is increased, the QR code can finally be displayed on the bracelet with sufficient clarity. Yes, Xiaomi Bracelet 4 supports Alipay QR code payment.

When using this function to pay, we only need to bind the Alipay account. At this time, the QR code or barcode will appear. In the actual process, when the clerk uses the handle scan code to sweep the machine, the payment speed is quite good. However, if it is a large-screen scanner, the user needs to take the initiative to sweep, probably because the screen is still very small compared to the mobile phone. At this time, the barcode recognition is very slow, and occasionally there will be no recognition, so Alipay The function follow-up needs constant optimization to make smart life come instantly.

Written at the end

From the first generation of millet bracelets to the current millet bracelet 4, you can see that almost every generation of millet bracelets are increasing the display area, and the increase is the size and weight of the battery and the whole, I even think that millet future It is possible to launch a "full-screen bracelet" with a larger screen.

The upgrade of these configurations is in exchange for more things that we originally needed to take out with our mobile phones. Now we can solve them with a hand ring. This sounds like another story of a pirated smart watch, but the size and weight of the bracelet is not likely to grow indefinitely, and the shape of the bracelet is still a physical gap that cannot be crossed.

But helping humanity is not just a way to "get bigger and stronger." This path can be changed. Being "smart" is another route with unlimited potential. I am also very pleased to see the addition of Xiao Ai's classmates on Xiaomi Bracelet 4. The Xiaomi bracelet, which is hosted by Xiao Ai, has gradually become a new entrance to AI by a device that assists in displaying mobile phone information.

The purpose of smart watches and smart bracelets was to reduce the frequency of taking out mobile phones, but now they just transferred these operations to their watches. Even though Apple Watch also has Siri, from WatchOS 6 independent App Store, we The time spent on smart watches will only increase, which is more like the redistribution of mobile tasks than reduction.

But in fact, a large number of people do not need smart watches with complex functions. Not everything needs to be done on the dial of the one-acre three-point. The enhanced bracelet was reinforced, but it replaced the position of the smart watch at that time.

If you already think that the smart watch is too complicated and bloated, the Xiaomi bracelet 4, which starts at 169 yuan (NFC version 229 yuan), may be the best substitute now.