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Just now, another black technology was born! Superhuman birth? !

YH 2019-06-30 23:35:50


Listen to thunder in silence!

Not that I don't understand, this world is changing fast!

Just now, the top academic journal Science published:The team of He Bin, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, has developed a brain-computer interface that can be connected non-invasively to the brain, allowing people to control the continuous and rapid movement of the robot arm.

Look, this is indeed a huge breakthrough:Through the brain-computer interface, the user can use the imagination to control the robot arm, allowing it to continuously track the computer cursor of random motion. The learning effect is improved by nearly 60% and the learning score is increased by more than 5 times.

Moreover, the brain-computer interface developed by the He Bin team alsoInstead of having a hole in the head to implant the electrodes and the chip, the nerve signal is taken directly from the person's scalp.With the top "electrode cap", you can command foreign objects. It can be said that it can be taken with you, and humans and animals are harmless. The general population can also use it.

in other words,Nowadays, human beings can no longer speak. As long as they pass the mind, they can control the movement of foreign objects as they wish.

I used to think that this is just a myth, but now the Hebin team's technological breakthrough shows that all this will become a reality. Think about you in the future, wake up in the morning, as long as you move, the lights will turn on.

In the heart, silently next command, the coffee machine will automatically help you heat the coffee for a long time.

If you are too lazy to do it, you can also control the robotic arm to help you, and all of this is done by the idea to help you.

At a glance, the world was shocked to silence. This is a milestone technological breakthrough that will revolutionize the way people interact with machines and thus transform humans and society!

In the dense cloud, the thunder of technology is brewing and generating, and a storm is coming!


Brain-computer interface, a cutting-edge research area.It studies the direct connection pathway established between the human or animal brain (between external devices).

As the He Bin team has shown, brain-computer interface technology is developing day by day. We have begun to climb the four-layer pyramid of the brain-computer interface, and “reform” humans step by step to achieve evolution.

1. The first layer pyramid of the brain machine interface, repair:By manipulating the machine, let the machine replace some of the functions of the human body and repair the physical defects of the disabled.

At the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the young Lino Pinto wore such a huge and cumbersome exoskeleton and kicked the first goal of the World Cup through the brain-computer interface.

The research work of the He Bin team introduced above also belongs to the inter-brain interface repair. In fact, what I want to achieve is this goal. As this research continues to deepen, you can control tools such as mobile phones, televisions, and cars in the future. Think about it, that would be a great thing.

2, the second layer of the brain machine interface pyramid, improve:Through the brain-computer interface, the brain is improved, so that we can just wake up with a good awakening, energetic, focused, quick-thinking, and able to do things efficiently and clearly.

Now, this work has achieved certain results. For example, in San Francisco, USA, there is a company called Smart Cap, which made the EEG a baseball cap. This product can be used to ease the fatigue driving of truck drivers, improve attention and reduce traffic hazards.

In 2014, the American ABM company trained the experimenter through the EEG brain-computer interface, which made the novice learning speed 2.3 times higher than the original.

3, the brain layer interface third layer pyramid, enhanced:Let us through the brain-computer interfaceHave a lot of knowledge and skills in a short time,Gain super power that ordinary humans cannot possess.

Memory transplantation is the focus of research in this field. Now, American scientists have discovered the memory code of the hippocampus of the brain, and began to try to use the chip to back up the memory, and then implant the chip into another brain to achieve memory transplantation. This experiment has been successful in monkeys.

The ultimate goal of this technology is to transmit a large amount of information and data to the brain through brain-computer interface technology, or to upload the consciousness of the brain to the computer, and finally realize the eternal life of human consciousness and memory in the computer world.

4, the brain layer interface fourth layer pyramid, communication:With the brain-computer interface, humans can communicate with each other without the language, and only rely on the EEG signals in the brain to achieve "lossless" brain information transmission.

This kind of brain-brain interaction, the essence of each other's transmission is the activity of the neuron group. Unlike the ambiguity of the language and the unsatisfactory words, it is a complete, 100%, "information" that has no information distortion.

This matter is now being studied by Facebook scientists. They want people to think about something while passing it on the skin of others, letting people "hear" the sound through the skin, and then communicate.

What is the heart and soul? This is the true heart and soul!

Yes, you're not mistaken:From today, the brain-computer interface is no longer a science fiction novel, no longer a reading comprehension, no longer a news headline, no longer a phantom in a movie and a weak soul in a computer, but a real fate.


In the history of mankind, every major technological revolution will trigger an impact on human beings and the whole society.The brain-computer interface is the same. For human society, this is a tsunami full of uncertainty!

The invention of ironware,The emergence of a traditional agricultural society triggered a war in the cold weapon era. In China, this war has been in the Han Dynasty since the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.

The invention of electricity,The emergence of industrial society triggered the First World War and the World War, which caused the entire first half of the twentieth century to be stained with blood.

Now, withArtificial intelligence, nanotechnology, brain-computer interface, biologySuch advances in technology, etc., will bring about a new storm of social change while bringing about technological benefits.

If we say that the previous technological advancement is only to make "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer";The sudden advancement of technologies such as brain-computer interfaces may make the richer smarter, more learned, healthier, the poorer and weaker, and eventually superhuman.

For example, the knowledge of the entire British Museum, in the future, may not take too long, you can enter a person's brain through brain-computer interaction. Through the brain-computer interface, a person can also be called a superman like Iron Man.