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WiFi 6e although it is fast but you may not need it

Yh 2022-04-02 14:01:25

More and more terminal devices have added support for WiFi 6E technology,Wireless RouterVendors have also introduced products that support WiFi 6e, so that WiFi 6e has become an end-to-end technology. For this incident, many netizens have not upgraded to WiFi 6, WiFi 6e and WiFi 6 have improved? Do I need to upgrade WiFi 6E? I will answer this question today.

Where is WiFi 6e? It can be seen from the literal, WiFi 6e is abundant, and the 802.11ax technology standard we usually see.

WiFi 6E大招已出 和WiFi 6相比有何不同?

WiFi 6e features (Source: Gao Tong)

WiFi 6e compared to WiFi 6, it uses new 6GHz band, 6GHz frequency band 5925-7125MHz, including 7 160MHz channels, 14 80MHz channels, 29 40MHz channels, 60 20MHz channels, Wi-Fi . Currently, WiFi 6e's mobile phone, wireless maximum rate can reach 3.6Gbps, more powerful than 2400Mbps of WiFi 6, and less delay.

This is a very obvious advantage of WiFi 6E. First, the transmission speed is more fun, the transmission rate of 3.6Gbps, as long as the user is equipped with WiFi 6erouter10 secondsdownloadA Blu-ray movie will become a reality.

The increase in channel support, so that there will be almost no other co-frequency devices in the surroundings, all of which will not cause the network speed to decline. Ultra-high network speed and low delay, allowing users to enjoy blue-ray movies, VR, AR, etc., will become more easily.

WiFi 6e is so good, but you may not use it. First, the wireless router that supports WiFi 6e is very expensive, basically more than 2,000 yuan. Secondly, due to the policy reasons for the wireless band, WiFi 6e's wireless frequency band has not been opened, and now the domestic market supports WiFi 6E wireless router has not yet been listed. Finally, due to the limited physical properties of radio waves, the higher the frequency of wearing wall, the WiFi 6e's WiFi signal is subjected to substantial decay, and it cannot meet the wearing demand.