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Buying a true wireless headset doesn't need too much hello quality, it is far from lossless audi

Yh 2022-03-05 17:50:14

What is the factors you decide when you purchase a true wireless headset? I believe that many people think about the sound quality. After all, the headset is bought, it is used to listen, and the sound quality is of course very important factors. Even through view of the Qualcomm Radio Headset Selection Report, people are also sound quality when purchasing the true wireless headset. However, if you are too tangled in the sound quality of the true wireless headset, I am afraid it will fall into the trap of the merchant.

购买真无线耳机时最不需要看中的功能就是音质 When you purchase a true wireless headset on a platform, it will often be seen in the product propaganda page: "Comparative CD-level sound quality", "master tape quality", "HiFi-level sound quality", etc. About sound quality. So do you really do so high-level sound quality?


The sound quality performance of the headphones involves many aspects, vocal units, Bluetooth transport protocols, transmitted code rate, audio codec format, noise reduction, etc. For music, the black rubber record belongs to an analog signal. The music we listened to the digital era is to sampling the analog signal, and the part that cannot be distinguished into a digital signal. This sample rate is the key to the sound quality. The higher the sampling rate, the better, the better the sound quality, and the sound quality is getting worse.


The CD is a digital signal generated by a high sampling rate, and the code rate is 1411.2 kbps, which is considered to be closest to lossless sound quality. When we listen to songs everyday, no matter whether any audio file is transmitted over Bluetooth, we need to be coded again, and the highest yield rate currently supported in the Bluetooth protocol is only 768kbps. The audio formats we often have to support the audio formats such as SBC, APTX, and AAC, such as SBC, APTX, and AAC, which can often be seen in the headset's promotion page. Examples of SBC encoding, it is Bluetooth default supported audio coding, with a bit rate of approximately 345 kbps, and the code rate is less than one quarter of the CD. Moreover, even if the headset supports a relatively high yD rate transmission such as AAC or APTX, you have to look at your phone and play.softwareSupport is not supported. If you don't support it, Bluetooth can only be transmitted in this format of SBC.

Now we conclude that Bluetooth is a problem with the innate sound quality of the true wireless headset. This is also why Apple's Apple Music supports non-destructive format music, but the reason why you can't hear it with your own wireless headset. However, there are many advantages in Bluetooth in this transmission mode, and it can provide a good experience in power consumption control, transmission distance, and compatibility. Therefore, the current wireless headset selects Bluetooth as the result of the transmission method is the result of the trade-off, and it is also a decision that meets the needs of the user.

So when I purchased a true wireless headset, I don't recommend you regard sound quality as the first or unique option. More than wearing comfort, gesture control, convenience, stability and design of the connection with the battery life. After comprehensive consideration, consider the problem of sound quality.


The true wireless headset has since then, the biggest benefit is to get rid of the line limit. I still remember the first time I got AirPods, I was shocked by it. Is the true wireless headset is the most perfect wireless solution? That's now. Due to the use of Bluetooth technology, the true wireless ear has problems such as power consumption, high delay, and poor sound quality. It solves the problem of wireless network restrictions and ease of use, but if you purchase the true wireless headset as the only measurement standard, especially the sound quality of the non-lossless format, then return to the trap into the voice of the sound .