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Android camp is fast, why IPHONE is not fast?

Yh 2022-04-02 14:05:25

Have to sayiPhoneUser's most envious Androidmobile phoneIn the user's function, the fast charge should be one of them. It has been 2022, and the over-the-Walled Android fast charge concept product has come to 240W and the actual product has arrived at 150W, but the iPhone mobile phone is like a specially exclusive rebellion, still, I'll, even my own flagship iPhone 13 Keep at 30W Within, completely follow the rhythm of the industry, the iPhone is also "cold minery" because of the lack of fast charge, but why is Apple that Apple is delayed? I think there is three points for the reason.

安卓阵营都快普及了 为什么iPhone迟迟不上快充
Why is iPhone not late?

01 Cause 1: Technology "barrier"

The latest iPhone 13 Pro Max matching PD fast charging head can reach 25W's fast charge, but there is no way to bear high-power fast charge due to the cooling design of the Lightning interface and iPhone, iPhone mobile phone product line has not advanced The function of charging. Unless the iPhone is upgraded to the fast charge function, the iPhone and Lightning interface are either redesigned, or directly change the Type-C interface. These two solutions are actually there is not much power for Apple.

Heat cooling design of Lightning interface and iPhone

At present, one of the problems that the fast charge needs to solve is heat dissipation. The high-power charging will bring more heat and heat dissipation requirements. If the heat dissipation is not good, the phone will open automatic protection, and the energy consumption will reduce energy consumption. If long-term unable to solve the heat dissipation, the internal semiconductor components are directly aging.

02 Reason 2: Apple is not required

Apple launches product or functionality is designed from the perspective of user needs, but before Joe God said a word "users don't know what they need", the subtext is what kind of products we have launched, users will accept Just good. Of course, the fast charge this feature is not needed at the point of view of Apple.

Apple will prefer to improve the battery through energy consumption, a good example is the greatness of the iPhone 13 Series, of which the iPhone 13 series has not increased the battery capacity and the battery capacity has been greatly improved. The Android of Android in Apple is mainly shortboarding for their energy optimization, and not everyone needs fast charge, Apple is more willing to meet the needs of most people, rather than a small number of people's needs. Develop new features.

03 Reason 3: Apple's own interests

For Apple to talk from the technical level itself, it is not difficult to look at his iPad and MacBook, but from Apple's own business perspective, it is not strong, itself is not strong, itself, itself sedates the MFI related accessories market, holding I have a whole body. Moreover, the apple brought "environmental protection" in these years, even if you give you a set of 120W fast and charging lines are also impact on the overall sales of iPhone, then why do you invest so much?

Moreover, this part of this cost will be reflected in the iPhone price, and the price of the bovy boat will also affect the iPhone sales. It is better to implement the "environmental" strategy now, handle the option to the user, want fast charge. Going to match the faster, don't need fast charge, it is still good to use the original charging head, so the benefits of all parties can be satisfied, and they will not hurt the interests of users. After all, the core competitiveness of the iPhone is not a small function of these edges. If there is any fast charge, there will be many people to buy the iPhone.