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Why is the color temperature of LCD TVs so high?

YH 2020-12-31 14:21:34

Careful users will find that the color performance effects of LCD monitors and LCD TVs are very different. It seems that the color displayed is lighter, and the picture is colder when we buy an LCD TV? Why is this?

  According to the current technology, it is not very difficult to optimize the color performance of the LCD. Even if it is a few hundred yuan of LCD, its color temperature can still be guaranteed to be around 6500K. 6500K is the value of the standard color temperature. Under this value, the picture will not be warmer or colder, which is what we often see on the monitor.


   But LCD TVs often don't like to set the color temperature of 6500K. This is because LCD TVs are not used in offices and do not pursue color accuracy. On the contrary, half of the users of LCD display watch TV series, in which the skin color of the characters shows a lot. At this time, a high color temperature can make the skin color of the characters whiter, and the TV screen looks "better".


   The "good-looking" here is actually a matter of user habits. Nowadays, many variety shows like filters. In addition to dermabrasion, increasing the color temperature is also a basic operation. In this way, the guests look younger and more foreign. The LCD TV uses this color temperature optimization effect, in fact, the essential purpose is to give users a more habitual color effect.

  The monitor is different. The monitor pursues accuracy, so its color temperature will be as close as possible to 6500K. Therefore, the high color temperature of LCD TVs is intentional, and it has basically become a common phenomenon in the industry.