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Mi 11 Pro rendering exposure: single-hole four-curved screen + square periscope multi-zoom lens

  • Author:YH
  • Release on:2020-12-14

Mi 11Has been released, but judging from the product itself, channel revelations or official suggestions,Mi 11 ProIt should also be in preparation.

小米11 Pro渲染图曝光 :单挖孔四曲面屏+方形潜望式多倍变焦镜头

The so-called product itself, the camera sincerity of Mi 11 is slightly insufficient. There is no standard multiple optical telephoto lens, and the DxOMark running score has not been announced, leaving room for imagination to upgrade.

The so-called official recommendation refers to the statement that Xiaomi used the Xiaomi 11 series when introducing the Mi Care service at the press conference.

Today, a professionally rendered photo named Xiaomi 11 Pro was exposed. The image resolution is not high,However, the accompanying text claims that its front is the same as Xiaomi Mi 11, that is, the four-curved screen with a single hole in the upper left corner, not an under-screen camera. The back has changed again, upgrading from a three-camera to a four-camera, it seems that a square periscope multi-zoom lens has been introduced again.

It is reported that Xiaomi 11 Pro will be listed after the Spring Festival, at the earliest in late February.

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