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Why did the mobile phone cancel the memory card? Four reasons explain everything

LS 2022-05-24 18:41:14

Today I want to talk to you about a "ancient" topic.

The first smartphone is a 128G friend who should not have come into contact with the "memory card". After all, the mobile phone memory card exists in line with the insufficient storage of the mobile phone. The function phones and the initial smartphone of that year did not mature enough in memory, which was too small.
In desperation, we began to expand mobile phone memory space with the help of external forces. However, I have to say that at that time, even if the memory card was used, it was up to 128G. Most people used 32G and 64G, which was also poor now.

But now, there is basically no memory card. why is that? Obviously, this was eliminated. Because the mobile phones now sell at 64G, 128G, 256G, 512G, and even 1T and 2T. The mobile phone itself has such a large memory, who will use the memory card?
Of course, this is just the most superficial reason. The reason for the deepest layer, Hugo Barra, who had served as the vice president of Xiaomi International, said in an interview that he abandoned Microsd, mainly based on four factors, namely battery capacity, ergonomics, appearance, and dual card.However, these four factors are given as a mobile phone manufacturer's perspective, and as a consumer, the professor will help you take a detailed split to look at the specific reasons.


The profit must be ranked first. As a mobile phone manufacturer, all the starting points are nothing more than "profit".
In a random look at a certain east, the 64GB memory card was sold for 42.9 yuan, and 128GB was only 79.9 yuan, and the difference was only 37 yuan. Look at the current mobile phone, the price between 64GB and 128GB. Taking Redmi 9A as an example, 4+64GB is priced at 599 yuan, 4+128GB is priced at 799 yuan, and the difference between the two is 200 yuan.

The above is Android, and the difference between Apple is even larger. Take iPhone 11 as an example. The 64GB is priced at 3499 yuan, 128GB is priced at 3899 yuan, and the difference between the two is 400 yuan.
Numbers can give people the most intuitive feelings, especially as the user's usage of mobile phones becomes higher and higher, and the sense of dependence is getting stronger. Mobile phone manufacturers want to get more profits, memory is an excellent starting point.

Speed ​​and electricity

Except for the profit, the impact of the memory card itself cannot be ignored.
After all, memory cards are added outside, and the merchants they sell are also different, many of which are selling inferior memory cards. Because as long as the mobile phone is installed with a memory card, it will cause a certain speed to decrease.

In particular, many people who buy memory cards, in order to leave more space for mobile phones, will have a large amount of information on the memory card, especially on WeChat and pictures with expanded memory cards. The experience will be extremely poor.
Another is that adding memory cards will exacerbate the consumption of mobile phone electricity. This is also paired with one of the four factors mentioned above. After all, the power of the mobile phone was not strong at that time, and because the memory card increased the power consumption of the mobile phone, the user's experience would naturally be worse.

Safety and quality

As mentioned earlier, the quality of memory cards is different. In addition to the poor quality memory card, in addition to causing a poor sense of mobile phone experience, it is also prone to damage, and it will also cause mobile phone problems.

Once there is a problem with a mobile phone, in general, everyone will think that it is a problem with the mobile phone itself. I did not expect that it would be caused by a memory card. This has increased the workload of after -sales, which not only allows more and more bad reviews to receive mobile phones, but also affects the reputation of mobile phone manufacturers.

technological design

The last point is for the development of mobile phones. Looking at the current point of light, you know that the memory card must be eliminated.

The memory card is placed on the memory card groove, and then puts in the mobile phone, which not only increases the thickness of the phone, but also hinders the design of the mobile phone. Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers have abandoned the memory card slot, and use this space to fill other components, so as to make the phone lighter. This change not only avoids damage to the mobile phone, but also improves the appearance and experience of the mobile phone to a certain extent.

Each device is eliminated, and it must be eliminated. In the process of using memory cards, poor contact, incompatibility, and abnormalities often occur. Small problems continue to affect the use experience. The memory card can be solved, but after all, it is not a long -term score. In this knockout match, mobile phone memory cards are destined to be eliminated.