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Charging the mobile phone, do you plug in the power or plug the mobile phone hole first?

LS 2022-05-23 15:29:22

At present, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives and work.

How do you grow a good mobile phone?

The first thing after getting up in the morning is to pick up the mobile phone to understand the consultation, the popular vocabulary of GET networks ...

But when the phone suddenly shows insufficient power

Everyone should have seen this scene below

Xiaoming Xiaoming, have you seen my mobile phone charger? My mobile phone power is less than 5%!

Oops, why are you always throwing three places, I remember you put it in your drawer, you look for it.

Finally found it! I want to quickly charge!

You wait, do you know if you plug in the power when charging, or the mobile phone hole?

Is there any difference?

Of course! Let me tell you

The reason for the sudden reduction of the battery use time is a momentary voltage called "rush".

What is a rush?

The surge refers to the momentary voltage that exceeds the normal operating voltage, also known as the instantaneous pulse voltage. In layman's speaking, the spark produced when the electrical plug is in contact with the row.

What are the impacts of rush on electrical appliances and electronic equipment?

The destructiveness of the rush for the equipment is quite strong! Repeated miniature cumulative accumulation will cause equipment performance to decline and cause equipment failure. Such as screen jitter such as computers and televisions, the burning of electrical circuits, the restart of the computer, the loss of data, the life of lithium batteries often used in digital products to shorten or cause damage.

Plug the power supply or mobile hole before charging?

Due to the emergence of the rush, many anti -electricity rows have also surged on the market. If your home uses anti -electricity pouring, no matter whether you insert the power or plug in the mobile phone hole, the opponent has no effect.

But if you use ordinary bursts, it depends on whether the charger is original:

Original charger: Plug in the power supply or plug the mobile phone hole first, and the opposite has no effect.

Non -original charger: Insert the phone first and then plug in the power supply, which will produce a large voltage pulse, which will cause damage to the phone; and the plug -in source then inserts the phone will minimize the loss to the minimum.

After charging, unplug the power or mobile hole?

After the phone is full, you should unplug the phone first. Because the moment the charger is pulled, the charger is prone to generate reverse instant current. At this time, if you do not pull your mobile phone first, it may cause some damage to the phone!

How to charge safely?

1. Use the genuine charger to charge

It is best to use the original charging device when charging the mobile phone. If the original charging device is damaged, do not use inferior chargers. It is also recommended to use formal ones to connect charging to avoid hidden safety hazards.

2. Try not to use your mobile phone while charging

Charging while playing mobile phones will exacerbate the fever of the phone. If the mobile phone is used for a long time, the temperature of the mobile phone will rise sharply. In the long run, the life span of the mobile phone will be shortened, which leads to charging twice a day, which is really inconvenient.

3. The charging temperature should be appropriate

The lithium battery of mobile phones is generally working in an environment with a temperature of 0-35 degrees Celsius.

The protection mechanism of mobile phone batteries in a low temperature environment will cause slow charging.

In high temperature environments, lithium batteries will be unstable, affecting battery charging and reducing service life.

In addition, do not wear mobile phone cases with poor heat dissipation when charging, and heavy mobile phone cases will affect the battery heat dissipation.


When charging 丨 Plug in the source first, plug in the phone

After charging 丨 first pull the phone first and then pull the power supply