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Should I shut down once a day?

LS 2022-05-25 18:16:05
Where are the friends who are used to shutting down to sleep at night? Raise your hand and let Xiaobian take a look!

So the question is, why do you want to shut down to sleep? Are you worried that your mobile phone is "lack of sleep", or is it worried that Ping Liang will make you stay up late?

However, some friends think that the mobile phone should be turned off once a day so that the mobile phone can be fully rest. Some friends think that mobile phones are not people and do not need to "sleep" every night!

Should I shut down once a day?

It's time to tell everyone the truth!

It is more reasonable: it is enough one week!

Turn off every day, the harm is greater!

Why not shut down every day?

1. Turn off every day, mobile phone loss is large

It takes more time to turn on and then boot, because the mobile phone has a large amount of data to reload and read. The shutdown is too frequent, which will lose the memory. The higher the frequency of the switching, the greater the loss.

Second, the switching is more power consumption

Putting the data and starting the CPU again. At this time, the CPU will be running at a high speed and consumes about 5%of the power consumption. If the standby is standby, the mobile phone automatically adjusts power and optimizes the background operation, but it will save power. If it does not shut down for a long time, it will become more and more stuck, because the system waste is accumulated, it is recommended to shut down once a week. Because the manual opportunity to automatically clean up the system's garbage during the restart process, at the same time, the software background program is closed to complete the self -repair, becoming relatively smooth.

I know the mobile phone stuck, I know re -start

But mobile phone [restart] and [shutdown]

Actually not the same thing

Ship off and then boot VS restart

Restart is just a software restart, and it does not turn off the hardware, so it cannot be removed.

The shutdown is completely closed and then turned on, which can remove the redundant running garbage.

Simply put, restarting is surface cleaning; shutdown and then booting are deep cleaning. So after the mobile phone is stuck, it is a better choice to shut down and then boot.

A friend asked: "Why is the same mobile phone, other people's mobile phone standby time is so long than mine?"

Power consumption on mobile phones

If it is not because of the battery itself

That's the incorrect habits of your use

Bad habits of consumption of mobile phone power

Bad habit 1: The screen brightness is too high

Too bright screens will speed up power consumption, and increase the burden on the eyes. It will also accelerate the screen of the screen, and even the screen burning phenomenon.

Solution: Reduce brightness. If the mobile phone function allows, the screen brightness can be set to automatic, and it can automatically lighten or darkens with the surrounding environment. And comfortable brightness can also play a certain eye protection effect.

Bad habit 2: Application is running in the background

Even though some applications are still running silently in the background, it will increase the power consumption of mobile phones.

Solution: Stop running. Mobile phone [Settings]-[Application Management]-[Running], click the icon in and then click [Stop].

Bad habit three: long -term opening mobile notification

All application notifications are turned on. Although it is easy to receive messages in time, the automatic screen will also consume power unknowingly when the message is pushed.

In fact, saving power without electricity is second. If the spam makes you miss the real useful notice, you will be tired.

Solution: It is not necessary to turn off. Make sure that only the application notification that really needs. This not only saves power, but also avoids disturbing.

Apple mobile phone: [Settings]-[Notice], click the icon [Allow notice] to close.

Android phone: [Settings]-[Notice and Status Bar]-[Intelligent Management], click the icon to enter, and then turn off [Allowing Notice].

Bad habits 4: WiFi and Bluetooth have been opened for a long time

After the functions of WIFI, Bluetooth, positioning, etc., mobile phones will continuously search for nearby WiFi signals and Bluetooth devices. The device function module is continuously collected and signal will consume a lot of electricity.

Solution: In strange places, please close WIFI and Bluetooth connection, not only saving power, but also safer.

Once there is a problem with a mobile phone, in general, everyone will think that it is a problem with the mobile phone itself. I did not expect that it would be caused by a memory card. This has increased the workload of after -sales, which not only allows more and more bad reviews to receive mobile phones, but also affects the reputation of mobile phone manufacturers.

technological design

The last point is for the development of mobile phones. Looking at the current point of light, you know that the memory card must be eliminated.

The memory card is placed on the memory card groove, and then puts in the mobile phone, which not only increases the thickness of the phone, but also hinders the design of the mobile phone.Therefore, mobile phone manufacturers have abandoned the memory card slot, and use this space to fill other components, so as to make the phone lighter.This change not only avoids damage to the mobile phone, but also improves the appearance and experience of the mobile phone to a certain extent.

Each device is eliminated, and it must be eliminated.In the process of using memory cards, poor contact, incompatibility, and abnormalities often occur. Small problems continue to affect the use experience.The memory card can be solved, but after all, it is not a long -term score.In this knockout match, mobile phone memory cards are destined to be eliminated.