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The childlike heart is not disappointed, explore forward

LS 2022-06-01 15:37:26
On June 1, the circle of friends has become a large -scale baby photography exhibition. There are dolls who have a baby, and those who do not have a baby treat themselves as a baby. After all, who has never been a baby.

Everyone has a childlike heart, does not want to grow up.

When you grow up, you must face the sweetness and bitterness in life alone

When growing up, you need to think about constantly and confront instincts

When you grow up, you must know the complexity of human nature, including both others and yourself

Like the maintenance of big coffees, I often miss the heartless years. At that time, our world was very small, but our dreams were very big.

At that time, he never doubted that he would become a great scientist and a superman who saved the world.

On the nine days, the moon drove the east wind to break through the clouds to visit the space

You can catch the waves in Jiuyang, watch bees in the peach blossoms

On the occasion of Children's Day, I wish you all the maintenance masters, after this impetuous world, after experiencing various beating of life, he can still maintain childlikeness and remain curious about the world. This world contains both a wide range of worlds It also includes the specific surrounding world around.

Exploration is the source of human progress. Only the continuous exploration is continuously explored.

Send a first -hearted gift to the older children, and there is a discount on the following WeChat public account. Happy holidays for children!