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What is the RTX 30 graphics card digging? Ideated to you answer

Yh 2021-05-11 16:05:10

Although the digital currency mining is still a matter of PC manufacturers, but the graphics card,Gamebook, The reason why high-performance devices such as game desktops is inquiishing, and even price increases, naturally, with excavation mine. Under the double factors of the shortage of mineral semiconductor chips, the PC manufacturer can be described as a sweet thing that has been difficult for Apple iPhone.

Since the birth of January 2009, Bitcoin prices have continued to raise the tide of digital currency, and the mine has become another path that people go to freedom of wealth. However, in the final analysis, Bitcoin is just a reward mechanism under block chain technology, which focuses on coins, and in block chain technology. However, when the capital competes, the capital competes has fallen into the block chain technology itself, and it is rumored that he will not hesitate to explore all kinds of digital currencies at all, this is, which is completely violated by the original intention of the Bitcoin.

RTX 30显卡挖矿算力如何?实测给你答案

So what is the mining of the coils? What does the mine can bring what personal?RTX How is the 30 series graphics card mining? Personal users are not suitable for mine "business"? We give you an answer by testing.

Question 1: How is the RTX 30 graphics card?

First of all, we are still in force.

Now the RTX 30 graphics card, RTX 30 graphics card game this, the price of desktop products is high, and the tide of mining does not do not do. In addition, the problem of shortage of global semiconductor chips, insufficient production capacity has seriously affected normal demand for ordinary users.

So what is the power of the RTX 30 series graphics card? The author did a few days of Eth mining test, and the existing graphics card in hand included a desktop RTX 3070, a mobile stage RTX 3070 and a mobile stage RTX 3060. Let's take a look at what is the strength of these three graphics cards?

RTX 30显卡挖矿算力如何?实测给你答案
Desktop RTX 3070 ETH digging force

The first is the desktop RTX 3070 graphics card, 24-hour average force 56.27MH / s, compared the following movement level RTX 3070 alone, its average integration force is 48.85 MH / s.

RTX 30显卡挖矿算力如何?实测给你答案
Mobile level RTX 3070 ETH digging force

RTX 30显卡挖矿算力如何?实测给你答案
Mobile grade RTX 3060 Eth digging force

Furthermore, another RTX 3060 alone machine, the excavation force is approximately around 40.15 MH / s. The total strength of the three mining test machines is basically between 140mH / s-160mH / s.

· Question 2: What does the mine can bring anything for individuals?

The most fundamental reason why digital currency mining tidal is the most fundamental reason is that it is a matter of money returns. 1 Bitecurcoin price tens of thousands of dollars, 1 tens of more than 10,000 yuan, this temptation is not anyone to resist. Therefore, in theory, mining can bring growth in wealth to individuals.

But what is actually?

In fact, friends who participated in the mining have known that different mining platforms will charge a certain handling fee, which is pumping. In addition, each platform also has a currency threshold. For example, this platform used by the author, you need to dig 0.1 coins to cash. And the author has a thoughting. At present, we must use the three computers on the hand to dig to 0.1 with a tariff. It is necessary for three machines to keep working for 200 days for 24 hours, and it has to be a force to maintain the existing level. In the case of it. And 0.1 The current price of the Taiwanese is about 1400 yuan, counting machine losses, electricity spending, which is definitely not compensated.

RTX 30显卡挖矿算力如何?实测给你答案
What is the significance of the large mine mining consumption? What is the significance of human society?

Therefore, for personal users, it should not be mining. The answer is that if you have the ability to buy a lot of high performance machines, you can try to do this, but if you only have one or two At the computer, the author clearly does not recommend you to do this business. Because you theory every day, you can make money, but in fact, you want to meet the amount of possible withdrawal, the time spent is too long, and the input and income are not a proportion.

· Question 3: What do you dig in the mine?

These days, the author experienced the process of digging, there is a question "What is this virtual mining?" And there are so many so-called big mines worldwide, consume so much resources to do this. In addition to frying coins, what kind of positive role in the progress of human society and science and technology?

I want to go, the civilians like the author, I really don't know what it means in addition to changing the more than 1,000 yuan for hundreds of days.

In today's society, capital is king, this is what we don't want to admit, but have to recognize the facts.Digital currencies have supply and demand relationship, and there is a concern of capital and heat, which naturally will make people teach.But how long can this situation last?What does it make sense to do as a weak individual?