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6 new opportunities for the world in the second half of the year, Apple Huawei, Xiaomi,

Yh 2021-06-28 09:46:34

6 new opportunities for the world in the second half of the year, Apple Huawei, Xiaomi,

In the first two quarters in 2021, we have seen a large number of new machines, there is a high-end flagship equipged with the Snapdragon 888, and there are some middle new expensive, and of course, there is still a lot of bass models. Always said thatMobile phoneFrom the first half of the year, it entered the fierce competition, and this state will extend to the second half.

From the current news, the battle in the second half of the year may be fierce than in the first half of the year, after all, all have a big one. First, Apple Samsung and Huawei will take his annual flagship. Vivo Xiaomi Glory will also release the new products of "black technology". You sing me to debut. I think it is very lively. In this case, this issue is a few heavy models that are about to release in the second half of the year, just spoiler in advance, interested friends to take a look.

01 Huawei P50series

Friends who are familiar with Hua know that the second half of the year is oftenHuawei MATE50The series of publishing nodes, but because of the well-known reasons, Huawei, which should be released in the first half of the year is also put on hold indefinitely, and now it seems that the probability is still waiting until the second half.

According to current exposure news, Huawei P50 may be released at the end of July, there will be P50, P50 Pro, P50 Pro + three versions, three mobile phones will adopt different shapes. P50 will use the hidden single-hole straight screen, and the P50 Pro will use the bilateral curved screen design, and P50 Pro + will use four-foot design. In fact, the appearance of the machine has also been a glimpse at Huawei Harmonyos's new product conference, and its huge back lens module is impressive.

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来

In addition, in addition to pre-installed Harmonyos systems, Huawei's P50 series will still be one of the best choices of photographic enthusiasts. On the imaging system, Huawei P50 series will use 1 / 1.18-inch large-end sensor, and there are rumorsHuawei P50 ProThe sensor or IMX707, the aperture reached F / 1.8, and there will be further improvement in the quality of the inlet, the night scene imaging, and the focal section is 18 ~ 125mm, and the equivalent 5 times optical zoom can be achieved.

In addition, Huawei p50 series will also bring the main ultra-high pixels, high-pixels, can indeed bring better analytical force on the details. If Huawei P50 series supports the highest 100 million pixel shooting, look at Huawei's previous image level, still very Point.

02iPhoneNew machines

Apple has always maintained a stable update rhythm, and its iPhone product will basically be released before and after mid-September. Nowadays, iPhone new machines are basically exposed in the name, appearance, configuration, etc., such as the new machine may be called iPhone 12s instead of everyone who has always said.

It is reported that the IPHONE series in 2021 will still launch a 4 model, including 5.4 inchesIPhone 13 mini, 6.1 inch iPhone 13, 6.1 inch iPhone 13 Pro and 6.7 inchesIPhone 13 Pro Max. On the screen, the iPhone 13 will remain Liu Haiping design, just Liu Hai's width of 34.83mm to 26.8mm, it seems to be a lot less than iPhone 12. In addition, PRO and Pro Max will also use the LTPO screen to support 1-120 Hz adaptive refresh. In addition, there is also a message that the screen is also provided.

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来

The processor will still be disappointed, routine upgrade to the A15, the performance will be 20% longer than the previous generation, and iOS 15 will also be equipped, add more interaction function, which will pay more attention to privacy and security. Memory, MINI and the standard version remain 4G, and Pro MAX is shipped 6G.

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来
iPhone new machineCADDimensions

In the camera, the iPhone new opportunity has a large upgrade, although the specific parameters have not flown, but from the latest exposure machine model, the four models of camera modules are more than the previous generation, thickness Also bumps. It is reported that the next generation of iPhone Super Cleansing will be upgraded to the F / 1.8 aperture, and the autofocus will be added, and the portrait mode is added in the video.

In terms of battery life, it is already an Apple's strength on the battery, but considering that there will be high brings, this iPhone will also have varying degrees in battery capacity. From the exposure information, the MINI version battery capacity has increased to 2406mAh, and the previous iPhone 12 mini is only 22227mAh; the standard version and the Pro version will increase from the original 2851mAh to 3095mAh, as for the largest PRO MAX directly breaks through 4,000 major off, will It is raised from 3687mAh to 4352mAh, and the increase is still very large.

Overall, IPHONE new machine is not significant, but the overall change of the iPhone 12 series is not significant, but the upgrade is equally, it is equally eye-catching.

03Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

According to foreign media, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has passed the US FCC certification, and mobile phones are expected to be officially released in June and August this year.

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来

It is reported that the machine supports S Pen, but it is not determined whether or not it is randomly standard. In addition, from the official rendering map of exposure,Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3The screen has a punctive self-portrait lens, and the position of the Selfie lens is similar to the generation z fold2. In terms of post lens, vertical arrangement will also be used, and the proportion of modules is more difficult.

On hardware performance, Samsung Z Fold 3 probability will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, with a larger memory combination to meet the needs of the flagship user. In addition, there is also a news that Samsung will release a new one in the second half of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Friends who like folding screens can look forward to a wave.

04Vivo x70series

distanceVivo x60The series has been released for half a year. According to the Vivo X series consistently, the Vivo X70 series is almost coming. Prior to this, the message on the Vivo X70 series is also exposed, even with a back.

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来
Vivo x70 series background photo exposure

From the exposure picture, the entire design language of the VIVO X70 series basically continues the style of the X60 series, the biggest difference is on the imaging module, the two-color cloud order is changed from "up and down" to "left", flash mode phase At the right side of the camera, the number of cameras is still four, which are mainly photographing, super wide angle, dive telephoto and portrait lenses.

There is no doubt that the selling dots in the Vivo X70 series are still the camera. Always thought that the Vivo X series is a main video shooting, and the Zeiss shot of the Vivo X60 series last year.Micro CloudThe luxury configuration of Taiwan is impressive. How can this Vivo X70 series this year will be willing?

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来

According to well-known explosives@ 数码 站 站It is revealed that the VIVO X70 series super large cup is designed with a large matrix lens module, and the lens will present an L-shaped arrangement. At the same time, the ultra-large cup version will also be equipped with a telescopic lens, and its telephoto performance will be very worth looking forward to.

In other respects, the VIVO X70 series will all use Samsung E4 screens in the middle of the middle punch, large cups and super large cups, as well as stereo, 66W super fast charge, battery capacity of 4,500 mA. Then is the hardware parameters, the broke news information shows the Vivo X70 or the hunter 2100 processor.Vivo x70 ProOr equip the Tianzhu 1200 processor,Vivo x70 Pro +Or padded the Snapdragon 888 processor.

Overall, the Vivo X70 series of products is not weak, especially taking pictures, may have transcendence.

05Glory Magic 3

The news about glory MAGIC 3 will no longer secretly secretly secretly, for the mobile phone market, glory Magic 3 will also become the most worthy of the flagship products in the second half of the year. .

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来
Glory CEO Zhao Ming

All along, Magic is the high-end flagship representative of glory. With the independence of new glory, glory Magic 3 will also usher in our own "first show", and it is said that this product represents the current glory in the high-end road. The ultimate, its product force will have a big improvement, and the first Snapdragon 888+ has made us see the determination of the glory for this product.

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来

However, there are not many exposure information about glory glory MAGIC 3, and the dry goods are mostly covered with this full blood, and other news is not exact. Overall, glory MAGIC 3 probabilities will use Samsung custom 2K +-level 120Hz high-definition, with a single battery 100W fast charge, as imaging,Glory 50The 100 million pixel lenses on the series will also be continued on Magic 3.

Although many news can't confirm, it is certain that glory MAGIC 3 will be the key to deciding whether glory can stand the top flagship camp. Given such a positioning, glory MAGIC 3 will therefore have some eye-catching local.

06Millet Mix 4

In the first half of the year, Xiaomi released the name "Android Light"Xiaomi 11 UltraAnd a new folding screen flagshipMillet Mix FoldHowever, for rice noodles, Xiaomi is most worthy of the MIX series. The Xiaomi MIX series not only carries a lot of "black technology" function, but also carries millet to the future, and the long-term millet Mix 4, It became a focus of many people.

下半年即将面世的7款新机 苹果华为三星小米全都要来

It is reported that Xiaomi Mix4 will use the screen camera screen. The screen camera technology has been regarded as a new stage of the development of the full-screen mobile phone, but the current products that have an envisaged technique under the screen, other brands have not moved. Today, the midlet camera should have entered the volume of order, but as for what the display is achieved, it is necessary to wait until the truly release can be known.

下半年即将面世的6款新机 苹果华为小米统统都有
Xiaomi third generation screen down camera

In addition to the screen, there is a barm Mix 4 will be equipped with 120W wired fast charge and 80W wireless fast charge, which can undoubtedly be called the strongest charging combination. The chip is a probability that the Snapdragon 888 Pro processor will be pre-installed with MIUI 13. The current MIUI 12 and its subsequent upgrade version MIUI 12.5 will be general, believe that rice noodles and mass consumers also look forward to MIUI 13 can bring. A better experience.

Finally, the camera part. It is reported that Xiaomi Mix4's main photo is Samsung GN2, of course, it is also possible to extend the liquid lens of Mix Fold to ensure that it can reach the image level of the top flagship.

Finally, there is something:

The above is a few products that are about to meet with us in the second half of the year. These are also the most expected new machines that are most expected in the second half of 2021. At present, there are the most reliable news about iPhone new machines. Other product explosions information is not special. More, some content can only be used as a reference. However, with the arrival of July, some new machine exposure rhythm will immediately put the schedule immediately, and there is always, everyone is waiting.