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What are the common situations for power supply to the motherboard?

LS 2022-05-19 15:45:58

With the continuous reform of the motherboard, we will discuss the mainstream motherboards on the market today, what kind of power supply method is used. There are two places in the motherboard power supply, one is 24pin motherboard power supply, and the second place is CPU power supplyThe 24Pin of the motherboard is basically the same, and the 24Pin of the motherboard has almost changed much for so many years.

The easiest to encounter a selective problem is the CPU power supply, and there are many cases of CPU power supply. First of all, we must find out several structures of the CPU power supply line. One is a single 8pin, and the other is a drag, two double 8pin. Generally, 8pin is synthesized by 4+4.


On high -performance motherboards and CPUs, dual 8PIN CPU power supply methods are generally used. The common motherboards now include Z690, Z590, B660 and other series. The 16pincpu power supply interface, there are also two cases of wires, one is to use two independent single 8pin, or a dual 8pin with two drags and two.


The mid -to -high -end motherboard often uses a 12Pin CPU power supply method. The common motherboards are still Z690, Z590, and B660.
12pin is obtained by 8+4. It requires a 8Pin head, adding a 4PIN, and the other 4Pin is divided into two from another 8pin. All CPU8pin can be divided into two or two 4pin.


We are the most common is a single 8pin. It is common in entry -level motherboards and mid -range motherboards, such as B660, B550 and H610. Another is 4pin, which is also rare. If you encounter only half 8pin, it is enough.

At present, the mid -to -high -end power supply basically comes standard with dual 8pincpu power supply. If you are a high -profile host, you can choose the mid -to -high -end power supply as much as possible to avoid the embarrassment of insufficient wire. When you wiring, remember to distinguish it from the cable of the graphics card. The graphics card is 8pin, but the line order is different and cannot be mixed.

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