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What are the mobile phone wallpapers?

LS 2022-05-18 15:32:04

Mobile phones are the most commonly used tools now. It is basically normal to not leave the machine. Under such circumstances, mobile phones will definitely have an impact on our energy magnetic field. Among them, the mobile phone background map wallpaper has the most impact. Need a tendency.

The first thing to pay attention to is the problem of taboo. For example, the people who avoid fire must not use the wallpaper with obvious fire elements; the zodiac sign is a relatively obvious problem. For example, friends who belong to the dragon, it is best not to use the wallpaper with a dog. These are the most basic issues. I believe everyone can avoid it.

Secondly, you must consider the issue of joy. Choose a wallpaper that you like emotionally and also like the numerology. It is very helpful for the luck. If you like it very much, the numerology is not good or bad, then it is more suitable to follow the emotion, only There is no big problem to drag your hind legs.

I recommend some better matching elements and more choices.

Xi Jin's friend, Jin Chan is a very good choice. Golden toad is also known as the three -legged golden toad. He carries seven stars and spit money. Since ancient times, it has been considered auspicious things, but you can have a fortune. Gold the golden toad as the mobile wallpaper, the golden light, the joyfulness
Essence The golden trees and ingot of the golden line are also classic choices, symbolizing Jin Yutang and its wealth.

For two -dimensional style, I recommend the mech wallpaper. The mech combat power is very strong, the shapes are also cool and avant -garde, and the evil spirits are very effective. It also has a good effect on cutting off the rotten peach blossoms.

The friend of Ximu, the green plant wallpaper is very good, especially the leaves. The vitality of the vitality gives people a sense of freshness close to nature, and it has a good effect to soothe the mood; the green department also has a certain purpose of the eyes, for the eyesThe stimulus is weaker. The gourd is the first to increase the fortune, and the green is better.

Xishui's friends are very recommended. The nine fish map represents the fish, Jin Yutang, and the nine cute fish are playing in the water, symbolizing a kind of harmony. Used as a mobile wallpaper, not only looks beautiful, but also brings blessing
Reconciliate good luck, make family harmony, and everything goes well.

The style of adding beaches on the beach is also a very good choice. The lazy and gentle style is also very helpful to promote interpersonal relationships. The landscape style wallpaper is also a good choice, which is more helpful for increasing the fortune.

Friends who are happy, the Chinese Red Series is basically the first choice, like a red background, a blessing, Lu, Shou, happy, and wealth in the middle. Although this is very popular, the effect is really good. In addition, the wallpaper of the flower fire series is recommended. Although the firefire is short, it is more generation
At a time of table, this is a gorgeous bloom after condensing energy; it is conducive to concentrating energy and breaking through the bottleneck.

Friends who are happy, the routine is the mountains and mountains, the famous buildings, but do not use the mausoleum and the pyramid. In addition, the earthy gourd also has a good effect, which is very effective for upgrading. There is also a small suggestion, Chongshan
The background map of the building, the advantages of the two -dimensional style are greater. Generally, the corners will be less and the color is softer.