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Wastelet Guide These three mobile phone accessories I advise you not to buy

Yh 2022-03-03 14:21:06

A few days ago, a colleague just started.iPhone 13 Pro, it is also to buy a film.mobile phoneShell, until last Friday, various express delivery have arrived in units, but we found that he found that in addition to the basic mobile phone shell, the film, also started 20W fast and fast-moving shell, and mobile phone camera film, We laminated a wave by our group. We can understand that the mobile phone film and mobile phone shell we can understand, but the faster and the camera film can be true is the IQ tax. Just borrow this opportunity to give everyone a science, everyone will avoid the three accessories in the future.

纯是智商税 请别再买这三款手机配件了

01 Charging head protective shell

The appearance of the charging head protective shell This kind of thing is really very pothole, because our mobile phone equipment is charged, especially the high-power fast charge mobile phone charging head is fever during charging, and this charging head protective shell happens Severely affect the heat dissipation of the charging head, and it affects charging efficiency. If the charging head is poor, it will cause a fire. In addition, I really can't understand that a charging head still needs to be protected, and we can put some stickers, as decoration or protection, as for protective shell, I am not recommended.

纯是智商税 请别再买这三款手机配件了
Mobile phone plug charging shell

02 Mobile phone lens film

Mobile phone lens film This kind of thing appears, I can also understand, after all, a mobile phone, everyone wants to be better to Ta, protect measures, after all, the maintenance cost is also increasing. However, there will be almost at least one grade of your mobile phone lens, don't believe in the non-destructive picture quality of the store boast, XX film, and how good foils are crushed. I really don't recommend you to make a mobile phone lens. Of course, if you feel that your mobile phone is more important, there is no problem, but most of my friends I still do not recommend a mobile phone lens film.

Netizen suits the film (on) / no film (below) comparison

03 Charge line head protective shell

Obviously protecting the shell products is a hitting area, and the charging line head protective shell is also refreshed my cognition. But true, Android charging port and Apple Lightning charging port, Type-C charging port is easily crushed by the rotational chair wheels due to hollow design. But true, buy a braid charger is all solved.

The entire three surrounding accessories seem to be useful, but it is actually actually an counter-reverse, and improper use will cause bad consequences. I hope that everyone will avoid these pits as much as possible.